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Step by Step for Making My Lamp

This is a step by step for how to make a lamp.

Nathan Roberts

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Step by Step for Making My Lamp

Welcome To My Step By Step Step 1 My First Prototype
for my lamp. Step 2 and 3 I went through lots of prototypes and instead of using indentations i decided to connect the car sides usind a strip of cardboard. Step 4 I spent lots of time on 2D design and eventually i got the right design. I thought I had found the right prototype but it turns out I still had a lot of work to do. Finally, after many lessons of trying, my prototype was complete. I had made a lightfitting which attached to the back of the car, actind as headlights. I had also decided to use dowel instead of the strip of cardboard.
Step 5
All I had to do now was to cut it out on wood using the laser cutter, which I did. Then I replaced the piece of carboard with two pieces of dowel which would look like the axels for the car. Step 6
I then painted the car a blue colour, and gave it windows which I painted grey. I had to put on several coats of paint before the car got the right effect. I also painted the dowel and the light fitting blue. Step 7
I then made a polypropolene cover for the car, and glued it on. Step 8
Then I had to make this presentation. I spent a lesson making this so I hope you enjoyed it. THANKS FOR WATCHING! By Nathan Roberts
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