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Utopian Socialism

No description

Scott Thomas

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of Utopian Socialism

The Levellers Utopian Socialism Utopian Socialism This is the form that existed before 18th Century

Thomas More - 'Utopia' was written in 1516 which said no money, no greed, no private property 1640s-1650s
Were against inequalities and private property
All for cooperation and equal distribution
Brutally crushed by Cromwell and early Socialism disappeared. Lack of Scientific Rigor
Seem as impractical - somewhat eccentric
Optimistic (possibly romantic view of Human nature)
Wanted to roll back progress to simpler times Primitive Socialism Charles Fourier Small self sufficient communities
Roll back urbanization and industrialization
People should live in communes Robert Owen Benevolent Capitalist
Saw the exploitation of working classes
Provided Education and Housing Primitive Socialism then Utopian
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