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No description

GwonYe Noh

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Telephony

Timeline of Telephone
Step 1
1874 - Alexander Graham Bell had the idea for a telephone. Also, the telephone may be briefly described as an electrical contrivance for reproducing in distant places the tones and articulations of a speaker's voice.
Step 2
1888- William Gray created the first pay telephone, which people would use by putting coins into slots. Pay phone was installed by inventor William Gray at a bank in Hartford, Conn.
Step 3
1897- The first dial telephone was introduced by the Automatic Electric Company. The dial telephone system was installed in 1892 in LaPorte, IN. However, in 1897, model telephone appear but the rotary dial had not holes and it seems like gear teeth.
Step 4
1973- This was the year of the first cell phone call from a Motorola employee to an ATT&T employee.And then February of 1973, the Motorola had produced a working DynaTAC portable phone prototype.
Step 5
1983- The first commercial mobile telephone system was opened. The analog DynaTAC 8000X Advanced Mobile Phone System mobile phones as of 1983.
New High tech
Seo Yeon Choi, Ji Hyun Kim, Gwon Ye Noh 8B
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