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Take Me There !

No description

Isha Parekh

on 21 April 2016

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Transcript of Take Me There !

Take Me There !
A Travel Management Company
A Travel Management company at NTEC, Christchurch - one stop shop for the travel needs of students. A flexible menu for all, offering from customized packages anywhere on the world map to cruising on the waters, flight & rail tickets to rent a car & adventure tours – it’s all going to be on your plate. The all-embracing global network of suppliers offer amazing competitive prices.

Strive to be the finest travel company that we can be with reliability, creativity and honesty. To build memories for every journey taken- Travel is not just flying, driving or staying in a hotel, it’s all about making a new friend seated next to you in the aircraft, visiting families, getting back together with your new friends you made while studying in New Zealand, and going on adventure tours before you get busy making your career.

To be the most dependable travel company of students, by students and for students that sets the standards of customer service and professionalism.

Mission & Vision
To provide the finest travel services at economical price
24/7 customer service which allows students to book their travel as and when they want
Keeping up with the trends in the Travel industry
Using an all-embracing global network of suppliers offer amazing competitive prices.
Making sure that each journey will be a memorable one.
A flexible menu on the plate for all

A desire for traveling the world since childhood. I have always been passionate about exploring the globe, learning different cultures, meeting new people from all walks of life and make the most of all the experiences one can get when going to someplace.


Personalized services
Affordable traveling options
24/7 customer service
Convenient location
Faster turnaround time
Range of products to offer

Critical Factors
It is that passion that made me join the 5th largest industry in the world at the age of 21. With over 12 years of professional experience in the travel industry, it’s about time I put up my own and now is the time; I proudly introduce the opening of in house travel Management Company at NTEC, Christchurch campus: Take Me There.

I strongly believe in “The more that you read, the more things you will learn, the more that you learn, the more places you will go” - Dr. Seuss,

It’s that passion which encouraged me to experience the world outside, with extensive trainings and specialization courses I have gained knowledge over the years which keeps me up the trends in my industry.


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