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H.O.P.E Community Wellness Project

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Kiara Blanco

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of H.O.P.E Community Wellness Project

I want to talk about why teens have been dropping out of school and how it affects those students that do drop out. I also want to discuss how this problem can be prevented for upcoming high schoolers.
Students who stay in school have a much better future than those who drop out.

When they get older they would want to be an example to their kids and show them the right path to success.
Family and school stability may be a reason for a student to dropout. If a high schooler gets too stressed out at home because of family problems or at school because of class problems these kinds f issues might result in them dropping out.
If a students parents may have been a high school dropout this may have them thinking it would be okay to dropout and their life would continue to be the same and getting a job would be as easy as completing high school and college.
Students who complete school are more likely to make more money than dropouts.
The median earnings for women and men who complete high school and college and earned their diploma were $20,650 and $31,715.
Dropouts have higher unemployment rates and lower employment rates. In addition, they also work less hours than graduates each week in a year.
How to prevent becoming a high school dropout
The Dropout Prevention Center lists hundreds of online dropout-prevention programs to help high school teens.
Created at John Hopkins University, this plan gives schools a time to reorganize into small learning communities that feature a curriculum created for all students to prepare for high level English and Math courses
Using the information I know from my resources and website research, there are many ways to prevent high school students from becoming high school dropouts. The first thing you have to do is learn and understand the difficulty of that high schoolers situation. Then afterwards be willing to talk to them and help them through the hard time they're going through and convince them that they will get through this without dropping out. Some school activity programs help keep teens eyes focused on education and not on the streets.
High School Dropouts and How to Prevent Becoming One
By Kiara Blanco
High school dropouts earn on average $143 less than high school graduates.
According to http://www.dropoutprevention.org/family-student-resources/top-5-reasons-stay-school
High school dropouts are four time unlikely to be employed as those wh completed high school and have finished four or more years of college.
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