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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sports Drinks for the Consumer

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Cori Kelly

on 27 May 2013

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Transcript of The Advantages and Disadvantages of Sports Drinks for the Consumer

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Drinking Sports Drinks for the Consumer? PERSONAL OPINION I believe the advantages and disadvantages equal each other out and that the decision to consume sports drinks or not is up to personal opinion. ADVANTAGES Sports drinks have an appealing taste. People are more likely to consume a flavored drink than an unflavored one (company, 2013) Hydration The human body requires hydration to function efficiently. When people exercise they often sweat which leads to a decrease in hydration. Sports drinks help to rehydrate the body. Carbohydrates are the primary fuel source for the body. Sports drinks contain carbohydrates which will replenish those lost through exercise. Replenishment of Carbohydrates Replenishment of Electrolytes Taste Electrolytes are essential salts which are important within the body for muscle contraction and nerve signalling from the brain, they also help the cells and tissues to hold fluid more effectively (Company, 2013). Sports drinks contain electrolytes to replace the ones you lose through sweat. References Company, T. C.-C., 2013. Powerade. [Online]
Available at: www.powerade.com
[Accessed 19, 26 February 2013].

Gatorade, 2013. Gatorade. [Online]
Available at: www.gatorade.com.au
[Accessed 19, 26 February 2013].

Liu, P., 2013. The Soko Water vs. Sports Drinks: What You Need To Know. [Online]
Available at: http://www.thesoko.com/thesoko/article1095-1.html
[Accessed 3 April 2013].

Kelly, D. T., 2013. CEO Adelaide to Outback [Interview] (25 March 2013).

PhD, G. S., 2013. National Performace Nutrition Coordinator at Australian Rugby Union [Interview] (9 April 2013).

“Sports Drinks” Survey, [conducted over 20th - 27th February 2013] DISADVANTAGES Effects on Teeth Water works well for less/no money Having carbohydrates in an acidic environment (like the mouth) can cause erosion or dental cavities (Company, 2013). But this can be avoided by rinsing teeth with water after consuming sports drink and never washing mouthgaurds etc with sports drinks, a practice that The Wallabies follow (PhD, 2013). In addition to the electrolytes sports drinks contain water also contains minerals such as calcium and zinc as well as no any artificial sugars or extra calories. (Liu, 2013). This means water can give you more than sports drinks as well as eliminating potential tooth decay.

For exercise between 0 and 5 hours a combination of water and food can do just as much for the body as sports drinks but without the cost (Kelly, 2013). This presentation is based on Powerade and Gatorade as they were found to be the most popular sports drinks after I conducted a survey for which I received over 100 responses. Powerade Gatorade To complete my research on the advantages and disadvantages of sports drinks I conducted an extensive survey, completed interviews and thoroughly researched company websites. These lead me to my conclusions which are displayed in this Prezi. On the last slide you will find the list of references sourced throughout my research.
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