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Wilhelm Boldewin Johann Gustav Keitel, Nazi Germany's Field Marshall

No description

Cody Sias

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Wilhelm Boldewin Johann Gustav Keitel, Nazi Germany's Field Marshall

Double click anywhere & add an idea Wilhelm Keitel Hitler's "Little Lackey" Hitler's "Yes Man" Hitler made him an Honorary Member of the Nazi Party Gave Himmler a "Free Hand" He authorized many laws Keitel was convicted for several crimes Conspiracy to Commit Crimes Against Peace
Planning, Initiating, Waging Wars of Aggression
War Crimes
Crimes Against Humanity Night and Fog Decree Commissar Order He was denied his request to be shot by firing squad. He was instead hung.
"Ich rufe den Allmächtigen an, er möge sich des deutschen Volkes erbarmen. Über zwei Millionen deutsche Soldaten sind vor mir für ihr Vaterland in den Tod gegangen. Ich folge meinen Söhnen nach. Alles für Deutschland!", Used as a deterrent for underground activities The Commisar Order was instituted by Keitel under direct order by Hitler. Hitler said the the Commisars were in direct opposition of National Socialism, and must be eliminated. 1. Prisoners will vanish
2. No one will be told where they are sent
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