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Book project :)

2nd book project

Katelyn Ray

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Book project :)

Dork Diaries Summary Plot Climax Theme Resolution Favorite scenes The End The plot of this story is that McKenzie and Nikki fought about brandon and still coming to a finish of the story dont like eachother. At the halloween dance is what really caught Nikki's attention at the finish of the night. McKenzie had thrown punch on Nikki and it made Mckenzie very angry. that was one of the biggest fights of their relationship/enemies At the climax of the story Brandon and Nikki finally became really good friends and they shared something that no one else could ever get through to Nikki. McKenzie had to ruin the relationship with a little of her prissiness. This is really how she wanted to get Brandon back. Nikki wasnt going to let her get away with it. Brandon was obviously put in the middle but it was worth it. The resolution to the story was telling McKenzie she was sorry for everything that she did and Brandon finally telling Nikki how he felt about her. They danced and had a good night and at the end of the night Brandon and Nikki kissed and it made everything just a little more interesting. My favorite scenes of this book were when Brandon and Nikki kissed at the end of the night and made it all better between the two.
My other favorite scene was when McKenzie and Nikki finally apologized to one another and made it better between the two friends that they could of been from the start. Thank you for listening about my story.
(Dont Judge Anyone By The Way They Look Get To Know Someone First.) Tales of a not so popular party girl Author:Rachel Renee Russel The summary of this book is about Nikki and McKenzie fighting over a guy named Brandon. McKenzie is mean and rude to Nikki and Nikki cant take it anymore so she decides to try to get revenge on her. Dont judge anybody by the way they look. You really have to get to know someone before you judge them at all. By:Katelyn Ray
Core 3 Katelyn Ray
Core #3
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