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McKenzie Craig, Barcon

No description

Hull Elementary

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of McKenzie Craig, Barcon

My Fifth Grade Year... So Far
It has been different in a new school, but I think I'm getting a hang of it.
In math I learned about changing fractions and decimals into percents. It was difficult but then i got the hang of it. I also learned about angles and using a protractor.

In social studies we are doing a book project on either the Civil War, World War 1, 2. Revolutionary War. I picked Civil War and decided to read A Light in the Storm. A Civil War Diary of Amelia Martin. It is a good book so far.
Social Studies
One of my favorite parts of the day is specials. In General Music we are learning and studying about certain composers. I'm learning about Felix Mendelssohn.
In reading class, we are reading

the book Where the Mountain Meets the

Moon. It is about a girl named Minli who goes on

an adventure to go and see The

Old Man

of the Moon to change her family's poor fortune.
Gym Class
In writing class, we did a five paragraph essay on weather kids should play violent video games or not. Also, we did another five paragraph essay telling a make believe principle why we don't want her to take out Summer Vacation away.
Next quarter, I want to get into writing more and I want to do better in math. I'm looking forward to next quarter because i think all of the projects are exciting and if there are more next quarter, I am up for it.
Fourth Quarter
So far in science, I made a science project for the science fair. Me and my science group, (Meagan, Kamren, Samantha), did the crash test. A toy car would go down a ramp and we would measure the distance.
McKenzie Craig, Barcon
Gym Class is also one of my favorite classes. We are learning about basket ball, soccer, and Gymnastics.
Looking forward
Let's see how my prezi goes!
I am very happy to present you my prezi and I look forward to making more. I'm guessing this is just a test run prezi.
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