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Tanasse: Art Journal Covers

Student art journal covers

Cathy Tanasse

on 21 March 2015

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Transcript of Tanasse: Art Journal Covers

You can use sticky back vinyl paper, collage, paint or attach objects to your cover. Be sure to include your name and period number on the color coded tape on the spine.
If you attach objects to your cover, you should wrap it with clear contact paper to keep them from falling off.
If you attach three dimensional objects to your cover, realize that it will be much more fragile.
You can cut holes in the cover to add interest.
Beginning to Advanced Student Examples:
If you paint on the cover directly, sand it first so it will hold the paint.
Add quotes, poetry, words or lyrics that are important to you.
You can have moving parts.
This student added fabric and glued it to the outside.
This student created a
"cover-all" cover!
A cover
like this
with lots
of items
on it
to be
in a
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