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twitter and mohamed mahmoud egypt

No description

Sarra Moneir

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of twitter and mohamed mahmoud egypt

The Role of Twitter in
#Mohamed #Mahmoud:
A Case Study of #Egypt's #Jan25 Revolution To what extent does Twitter as an already existing framework shape the political identity of individual authors? Structure -Theoretical Part
o #Being Political, #Political Identity and the need for a specified space
o #Twitter, #retweets, #characters and #short-url’s
-As an example
o #Mohamed #Mahmoud #egypt #activism #25Jan
o #Twitter as an #anthropological #research #tool
o #Experiences #Output
-Conclusion E.Isin 1/2 -The #political: “an ontological dimension of undecidability and contingency, agonism and difference underlying political reality” (Viriasova, 2011) -> #conceptual #tool

-What does it mean to people to be political?
“Being political means being constituted as a subject of justice, Being political is being of the city as that space through which beings claim and seek justice” (Isin, 2005 :382)

-Forgetting the Framework: “Through orientations, strategies and technologies as forms of being political, beings develop solidaristic, agonistic and alienating relationships” (Isin, 2002 :13) Being Political E.Isin 2/2 -Construction of #citizens #strangers and #aliens – People reposition themselves again and again throughout unconscious reflection of their own

-Analogies of Twitter and the city: #multinodal, embedded in further #frameworks, being into it is not enough, both generate #differences and assemble #identities Seminar Identity and New Social Media Philip Budka WS 2012/2013 KSA Sascha Harold, Sarra Ahmed, Michael Anranter
9.01.2013 Twitter as a Social Space
- Social configuration of space
- Cyberspace
- spatial implications
- Social communication network
- Tweets, Hashtags, Followers
- Groupings Structure of Twitter What is Mohamed Mahmoud? Why a focus point?
twitter as a method of communication and translating moments as a proof by the witnesses: groups and individuals (politically and not-politically affiliated)
individuals and groups becoming expressive on the field with twitter and why?
virtually into physically and vice versa Twitter Interviews
-Limitations and Restrictions
-Addressing issues Who is Active in Physical and Virtual Space? Mohamed Mahmoud Methodology
- Politics on twitter
- Identification processes
- Mapping physical with virtual Questioning guideline Trial and Error: Change of Plans? Email Interviews
On the field during protests discussions - informal interviews Conclusion twitter's importance as a method of witnessing and communication
twitter tools assist in awareness and identity translation into the cyber space or virtual space
Mohamed Mahmoud as a case of using Twitter shows the tranformation between individuals and groups as twitter users for information sharing and awareness generation
methodology is not fixed based on classical texts due to the sensitivity and the current nature of the topic --> importance of personally generated and tested methodology on the field and online (twitter experimenting) Being Political Alternatives: Why original Ideas did not work out: Twitter Interview – Experiences
New hashtags, direct conversation, network relation: Any answers – Why?
1)The wording: wrong use of hashtags -> adapted hashtags
2)The network: small network related to topic -> big network
3)Positioning throughout followers, circles, friends – shares, likes and retweets – political identity
Lack of confidence – sensitive issue
Twitter as an instrument? sharings, likes vs. direct answers (resarch question)
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