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John Adams

No description

donovan Fairfax

on 20 May 2015

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Transcript of John Adams

Out of all the traits on the wall of virtues, John Adams represents dedication the most.
"People and nations are forged in the fires of adversity."
Haverford School Virtue
Time line
Oct. 1735 - Born in Massachusetts

1765 - Opposed the Stamp Act and wrote articles in the Boston Gazette

1770 - Defended British Soldiers who killed civilians in the Boston Massacre

1774-1777 - MA representative in the Continental Congress, helped draft the Declaration of Independence

1775- 1783 American Revolution against England

1783 - Signed the Treaty of Paris

1789-1797 - Elected the 1st Vice President of the US

1797-1801 - Elected 2nd President of the US for one four year term

1798 - Signed the Alien and Sedition Act.

1826 - Dies on his farm in MA
He had 2 brothers, Elihu & Peter Adams

John Adams married Abigail Adams in 1764

She was the second first lady in the U.S (even though they didn't use those titles back then)

They had 6 children, one of which became the 6th President of the US. His name was John Quincy Adams

Monday, May 11, 2014
by Donovan Fairfax
Early life
The 1st VP and 2nd US President
After Presidency
He didn't play any sports.
John Adams Sr. (his father) was a farmer and a minister
Susanna Boylston Adams Hall (his mother) was from a prominent family.
He was a good student because he went to Harvard at age 16
Studied law under attorney John Putnam.
His hobbies included farming, fishing and writing.
He wrote for the Boston Gazette
After retirement John and Abigail Adams lived on their farm in Quincy, Massachusetts. For 26 years, he stayed at home and barely left the farm. Sometimes, John Quincy's son stayed there while his parents were doing public service.

Within months of retirement, Adams went back to his writing career. For the rest of his life, he wrote his autobiography and other stories/commentaries.

John Adams
John Adam's Famous Quote
John Adams was dedicated to public service and law. He studied law with John Putnam. Also, he defended the British soldiers in the Boston massacre. He arranged trade agreements with several European nations.Then he became President and passed laws to help the public.
Political Party
Though many say John Adams was a Federalist, there are some people that believe John Adams didn't have a party affiliation.

I believe historians put him in the Federalist party, that opposed the Democratic Republican party, because of his quotes.
For example, one of his quotes stated that the democracy committed suicide and that it was horrible. Therefore, he was put in the Federalist group.
John Adams Tributes
John Adams Elementary School
Adams National History Park
John Adams (miniseries)
The John Adams Library
John Adams by David McCullough
John Quincy Adams
Abigail Adams

Could he be elected for president today?
I believe that John Adams shouldn't be elected today because he signed the Alien and Sedition Acts. This law limited immigrant's rights and did not allow citizens to protest the Government. This is a violation of the Bill of Rights.

Benjamin Franklin Bach, Benjamin Franklin's grandson was arrested because of this law in 1798.

Today we have all types of immigrants and foreigners that come to the U.S and people are allowed to peacefully protest. Therefore I do not think he would be elected as president today.

Cabinet members
Life in Presidency

John Adams life in presidency included many important things.

He also signed the Alien and Sedition Act. The act made it illegal to publicly protest the government, limited immigrants rights, and limited the freedom of the press.

XYZ affair

His Presidency ended with the loss to Thomas Jefferson in the re-election
Oliver Wolcott Jr
Samuel Dexter
James McHenry
Charles Lee
Benjamin Stoddart
Joseph Habersham
Timothy Pickering
John Marshall
5 Major Events in Presidency
1. John Adams and the congress raised a militia of 80,000 in case of war with France.

2. Adams signs the Federal Bankruptcy Act

3. The XYZ Affair, a disagreement between the US and France that almost led to a war, occurred.

4. Adams makes George Washington the commander In Chief of the U.S Army.

5. He passed the Alien and Sedition act

Farewell address
When John Adams did his Farewell Address, he stated that the office of senator should be based on inheritance. He also said that no council had to defend the rights, liberties and properties of the people.
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