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Sarah Kell

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Infanticide

Criminology Sarah Kell
What causes a parent to kill their child or children.
Postpartum Depression
Mental Disorders
They just don’t care, are indifferent to their children.
Sometimes they don’t realize what they did until after-wards when they come to their senses

Signs that something is wrong.
The child has bruises, cuts “marks” black eyes, broken bones on their body multiple times and has no real reason of it happening. The reports of child abuse come from doctors, or rumors from caregivers saying that the child was red in odd places or was very unnaturally fussy about being changed or bathed. The mother or father are indifferent to the child crying or are extremely irritated, aggressive, easily angered by the child doing anything at all that could be considered wrong, even if it is not.

Example: the child knocks something off a table when crawling around or spills something. Starts to cry after knocking into a table leg or chair leg, and the parent(s) go into a unreasonable rage or tirade against the child for a little mistake. And this can include grabbing the child up by the arm or leg or any part roughly and being unrightfully rough with that child.

All of this are signs that something might be going on that can be prevented but most times are not until its to late.

Looking at the Victims
In every case you will find of Infanticide the Victim will always be under the age of 1 years old. They are at the most vulnerable and physically weak. One wrong move and the infant can endure broken bones, internal bleeding, black eyes, bruises, even brain damage. All the same things that can happen to an adult can happen to a infant but a lot easier.

Many victims of Infanticide you will see some kind of sign of trauma, these signs can include physical abuse and some signs can be sexual abuse. A sign of something more than an accidental death is shaken baby syndrome, odd marks on the baby that are congruent to abuse or unnatural bruises, cuts, redness on the skin, Anything that seems out of the ordinary.

How to determine if its murder
If there is no actual cause of death without someone having to do anything.
Such unaccountable bruises, cuts and clear signs of abuse. Another red flag would be if they say the child was kidnapped but there are no signs of it, or anything or if their child goes missing they don’t seem worried about it, or the body is found buried somewhere and the parents are connected to the place of burial. Or if their child is kidnapped and their is no ransom no note, no sign of breaking and entering even a messed up bed.

Pictures of Victims
Arthur Carpenter Killed his 28 day old son. He did this by shoving his finger down the child's throat creating a gash in his throat which caused blood to fill his throat.
Iniubong Ebong Killed his 5-month old daughter by a savage beating. He told the mother the daughter needed medical attention but went to sleep and was asleep when the mother got home and the child was unresponsive. The doctors said blunt force trauma to the abdomen. Her liver had been lacerated.
Female Murders
This woman, killed her 6-week daughter,she at first claimed she "accidentally" dropped her daughter but in reality, she picked her up by her legs threw her onto the bed and watched her bounce off the bed onto the floor then proceeded to pick her up once more and throw her against a dresser. The Doctors state that the child suffered bi-lateral skull fractures on the left and right sides of her head and bleeding within her skull. Doctors also told investigators that they resuscitated the infant three times.
Lillian Alvarado murdered her infant son by asphyxiation and she then went on to try to dispose of the body by dismembering the child with a knife and scissors.
Who Can be the killer?
As you've seen before either parent can be a killer. And in some cases both can be a killer.The reasons as to why they do it vary, the parent could be mad at the other parent for any reason. Or they could just not care anymore and couldn't handle the crying or fussing of a infant.
Game time
Who do you think is the killer?
Out of two people standing in front of you. Which one is the murderer? Each will have a small side story, basics if they are divorced, together, separated, drug users, alcoholics, the works. It is your job to determine if the mother, father or both is the killer.
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