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Excessive Pride in Appearance

No description

Claire Babin

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Excessive Pride in Appearance

Excessive Pride in Appearance
Excessive Pride in Possessions
Ruler of Parkside
- From Shrek
- Face says it
- Got it all. The
castle AND the
- Chooses his wife
from a selection
of princesses.
Who is worthy?
Who can match
his beauty?

Lord Farquaad
This lady's so vain, she created a mirror that tells her that "she is the fairest in the land."
Evil Queen from Snow White
Excessive Pride in Talent
For Excessive Pride

Justin Bieber
Johnny Manziel
Check out my humble abode
Constantly trying to be in the spotlight
Expose their lives to the public to gain materialistic rewards
Social climbers
- CEO of Stark
- Iron Man
- His suits of armor
continuously get in
the way of his love
- Before Pepper enters
his life (as a lover),
Stark is obsessed with
his possessions and
the status quo
- He has built up an
army of suits
Tony Stark
Excessive Pride
Being proud of looks, talents, or a possession for which you worked? Not a problem.
- It's when it becomes excessive and begins to affect those around you that it becomes a bigger problem. A problem that would land you in Hell.
Luci Furr
- Little Luci is the school diva
- Basically Regina George of her high School
- She's got the talent,
looks, and money.
- Venture with us along
this path to see where her idiosyncrasies could take her...

- Stripped of their talents upon entering
- Their talent is put into a puppet
- Puppet perches on their shoulder

-Texas A&M football
-Heisman winner
-Enjoys pointing at
the scoreboard,
air-signing his
signature, and
posting money-fan
images on
Instagram (#casinoballin)

Pieces of broken mirror beneath the feet of the shades
Must look down at their distorted image in the mirror as they walk on the painful pieces
Luci's fan girl moment
Pretty good singer with cool dance moves, which attracts lots of crazy girl fans...goes to his head
Tries to be someone he's not;fails miserably
Water bottle incident
*As Phil and Luci walk though, the evil Queen is seen with bleeding feet and being force-fed a poisonous apple. Classic.*
- Buried underneath piles of their previous possessions
- Must attempt to climb to the unreachable yet always visible top.
- This represents their chase after the visible never realizing it is unreachable.
Phil's Final Piece of Advice
Phil Robertson
- Filthy rich, but
lives in a
- Good looking
the beard of
- Does extremely
well in his
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