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24 Hour Fitness

No description

Kami Kremer

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of 24 Hour Fitness

Double click anywhere & add an idea VirtuFit 24 Product Price Pricing Strategy Manufacturer Distributor Retail Stores Marketing Channel Manufacturer: Raw Materials and Technology
Distributors: Logistical and Transactional
24 Hour Fitness: Faciliatating Manufacturer in China Contracted and Produced Through Life Fitness 24 Hour Fitness Will Have an 8.25% Markup
Price Includes:
Shipping Costs: $1.75
Console System:$140
Packaging Cost: $2.75 VirtuFit 24 Detachable Accessories Promotion Public Relations Press Release: Provides Credibility
Facebook: For "Fans" of 24 Hour Fitness
Company Website: Buzz Video Sales Promotion Best Buy Tournaments: Fuels Word of Mouth and Allows for Trial Before Purchase
Rebate to Members: Helps Gain More Product Buyers and Potentially Helps Gain More 24 Hour Fitness Gym Members Advertisement Commercials: On Appropriate Stations
Print Ads: In Fitness Magazines
Appealing Packaging Place Indirect Marketing Channel Introduction Phase In All 24 Hour Fitness Lobbies: Gain the Attention of All 300 Million Members Growth Phase Retail Stores Hotels: Holiday Inn, Marriott, Embassy Suites, Hilton Size: Average Height of a Night Stand
Built Out of Sturdy Wood
Main Color: Black (will provide colored skins)
2 Separate Electronic Reels Located Inside
Comes with a Single Bar or Two Handles
20 Gigabyte Internal Hard Drive
Provides Nature Scenery, Resistance Levels, Profile, Time, and Distance Competing with the Wii Fit Sold over 20 million, ending in June 2009 (vgchartz.com) History: Invents, Manufactures, Delivers the World's Most Advanced Fitness Equipment "Bringing the Outdoors In"
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