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Evan Pike

Evan Pike for President

Bennett McKay

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Evan Pike

Evan Pike
Strong, Fair, '14
About Evan Pike
White, Evangelical Christian
Born on November 11, 1963
African American wife named Connie,
Two children, 1 boy, and 1 girl
Moderate Democrat
Currently in his Second Term as Governor of Pennsylvania
About Evan Pike Cont.
Captain in the Navy (Honorably Discharged)
Won a purple heart from fighting in the gulf war (early 1990s)
Education: Graduated from the Naval Academy with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Affairs
Residence: Harrisburg Pennsylvania
Budget: Spend More to Stimulate the economy in private sector
Unemployment; Putting Americans back to Work by making new jobs for middle class and increasing minimum wage
Support Troops, Military Families/ Veterans

California: 55
New York: 29
Vermont: 3
Rhode Island: 4
Indiana: 11
Massachusetts: 11
New Jersey: 14
New Mexico: 5
Hawaii: 4
Connecticut: 7
Total Votes: 143
For Sure States
Florida: 29
Pennsylvania: 20
Ohio: 18
Michigan: 16
North Carolina: 15
Minnesota: 10
Wisconsin: 10
Colorado: 9
Total Votes: 127

Battleground States
Pretty Good State
Nevada: 6
Washington: 12
Oregon: 7
Illinois: 20
Maine: 4
Virginia: 13
New Hampshire: 4
Iowa: 6
Washington D.C: 3
Maryland: 10
Delaware: 3
Total Votes: 88
Improve Services for returning veterans - providing health care and helping them rejoin civilian life
Provide educational funding for all veterans who seek a higher education
Provide good paying jobs for veterans
Fully fund retraining of veterans with disabilities - in terms of educational methods, locations, transportation, and other considerations to create opportunities for our disabled veterans to reenter the workforce
Support programs for assisting families who have deployed service members with counseling debt service delays, tax deferrals, and basic needs assistance

Country Wide Strategy
State Strategies
North Carolina
Quality uniform education that is available for everyone.
Continue School funding
Economy and Jobs
Stimulate more economic growth
Free market regulated in public interest
Education Ties in with the economy
Good education = Future economic development

Jobs and the Economy
Support the creation of jobs and the training of employees for those jobs.
Create and Empower the small businesses
Ensure funding from the state to the schools.
Providing a universal access to a higher quality early education.
We support free market solutions, spending within our means and ownership of our infrastructure investments. We encourage policy that utilizes market resources in a cost efficient manner and minimizes taxation without penalizing business efficiency.

Quality education through public funding
Increased government funding and financial aid for all levels of public education.
Foreign Affairs
Stand for human rights, social and economic justice.
Any government must be a cooperative and effective leader to their people.
State Strategies cont.
Job trainings to improve skills of workforce
improve literacy and expanding basic education
build system for continuous job training
revitalize the manufacturing sector
increase minimum wage
American Manufacturing Initiative (AMI)
pay equity
wealthy pay fair taxes based off of their income
support for unions and for workforce choosing their own unions

Make new jobs in the private sector
Appeal to the middle class to pull in swing votes
10.1% unemployment
Protect the voting rights of union workers. (Right to secret ballot)
Gain the support of the Ohio Democratic Party Fellowship Organization to utilize their massive pool of volunteers to expand our campaign on a personal level in communities.
State Strategies Cont.
Minimize tax increases on the middle class.
New opportunities.
Pull in voters through close and personal campaigning.
Align with Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party of Minnesota.
Attend Caucuses and Conventions to gain support from party and use the already constructed systems to pull in votes.

No Chance States
Texas: 38
Arizona: 11
Oklahoma: 7
North Dakota: 3
South Dakota: 3
Kansas: 6
South Carolina: 9
Georgia: 16
Alabama: 9
Mississippi: 6
Louisiana: 8
Arkansas: 6
Tennessee: 11
Kentucky: 8
Utah: 6
Idaho: 4
Montana: 3
Nebraska: 5
Wyoming: 3
Missouri: 10
West Virginia: 5 Total: 180
Alaska: 3
Potential Map
Battleground: 127
Democrat Expected: 231
GOP Expected: 180
Who We're up against
Madison Rhodes
Stump Speech
This year, this election, will stop all the delaying, lollygagging, the procrastination that Washington is infamous for. This election is time for the American people to stand up and say NO to all the corrupt politicians that have stalled this country and its people into an idle wait for so long. The page needs to be turned, the end of the chapter is here, America the proud, the strong, the free needs people that are not afraid to answer the big questions, draft the proposals, and face the monumental challenges that we will incur, as a nation, in the foreseeable future.

This race, my race, is not designed to tear anybody down, my race was designed to put America back at the forefront of education, technology, and fairness that will make us strong again, and show the world that we are not some broke rock in the middle of the ocean, separating Europe from China. I want to show the world that we are now, always have been, and will continue to be the strongest, fairest country on Earth.

My running mate, and I both agree that we need to enact new the policies, that will undo all the issues that a crooked and nefarious congress has put in place over the last decade. We know this. That is why I support the Patriot Employer Act that supports companies that keep jobs here in America, and the Wounded Warrior Project that supports soldiers that do not come back whole, because we are an America that cares.

One thing needs to be said, there is not a shortage of great ideas in this country, we are not lacking intelligence. The problem is that the ideas that will make this nation secure again die in limbo on Congress’s doorstep. That is unacceptable, and this election will stop all the lying, cheating, and deceptive tactics that Congress has used to keep America in the dark.


State by state we looked at the party platforms (ie http://www.floridadems.org/)
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