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King Henry VIII

No description

Allie Dukes

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of King Henry VIII

Catherine of Aragon - divorced in 1532 after 20 long years of marriage
His Six Wives
If it wasn't for Henry, England would still be a Catholic Country. His desire to divorce Catherine of Aragon didn't just disturb his love life but the rest of the country as well. Catholicism says that once married you have no right to divorce. Henry was a Catholic at heart but longed to marry Anne, a younger, more beautiful lady that would be a perfect wife.

His uncertainty lead to a long political debate. Not only did he keep both Anne and Catherine waiting, but the rest of the country as well.
After several years of irritation and many disagreements, he finally broke with Rome. England had been part of the Roman Catholic Church for more 1000 years. Such a huge separation was an important event in Religion that changed British History forever.
Henry held only one parliament between 1515 and 1529. However, in the 1530s, he held eight Parliaments, mostly to pass his law making religious changes and closing the monasteries. Henry made sure Parliament agreed with him, watching who voted for or against his plans.
But, something important was changing. Parliament was meeting more often than ever before. Some members of parliament
Henry was always dreaming of being a great soldier- like King Henry V. Several times Henry VIII went to war with France and was never successful.
The most memorable event in Henry's era was when his ship The Mary Rose sank. The wars Henry fought cost many lives and millions of pounds, which were paid for by English taxes.

By Sophie and Alexandra
King Henry VIII
Anne Boleyn - married Henry after a big political debate over her illegitimate pregnancy. Executed in 1536.
Jane Seymour - gave birth to Edward, but died after two weeks of marriage in 1540.
Anne of Cleves - Henry took an instant dislike to her and divorced in 1540.
Catherine Howard - 30 years younger than Henry, she was later executed for a surreptitious relationship with another man.

Catherine Parr - a caring wife who nursed Henry in his last ill years. Later on she married Jane Seymour's brother.
Henry V
Henry's Diet
Watch this shocking clip on Henry's weekly shop!
Thank you for Watching
A demonstration on the destruction of the monasteries
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