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" The diary of Anne Frank" Jada April 4

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Jada holleman

on 4 April 2014

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Transcript of " The diary of Anne Frank" Jada April 4

Anne Frank was a 13 year old girl who was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne Frank and her family went into Hiding for 2 years and lived with the Van dann`s . Anne was a famous journalist who will always be remembered by the world. She was famous for her journal
Anne Frank
Life in hiding
As a gift from her Father ,Anne used an autographed book as her diary to recorded every thing that goes on for 2 years. Anne wanted to be a actress , she loved watching movies but jewish were forbidden to access to movie theaters. The Franks stayed at there grandmas house for 2 years until the war was over but they didn't make it until the war was over.
Anne`s Death
Anne died in September 1944 from a disease called typhus. This disease killed 17,000 jews including Anne Frank.
Anne`s Early life
The Franks were liberal jews, they did not observe all of the customs and traditions of judaism. The franks had to go into hiding at a family's house for 2 years so they wont have to go to the concentration camp. They had to be quiet from 9 am. to 5pm. at night so they don't get caught by the nazis
By Jada Holleman
" The diary of Anne Frank"
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