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Pros and cons of weatering,erosion,and deposition.

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Jordan Chen

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Pros and cons of weatering,erosion,and deposition.

facts about weatering,erosion,and deposition.
weathering creates soils,sand,and minerals,it removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,weathering breaks down large rocks which makes space.erosion moves things from one place to another.erosion also creates land like the
weathering can break down the earth and buildings,weathering also has effects prehistorical evidence such as fossils and layers of the earth from many years ago,weathering also causes landslides.also while erosion gives plants
their defenitions
weathering is the process in which rocks and soil is broken down by weather nd possibly moved to another place.erosion is when water and weather causes rocks and soil to move.depsition is the process of new material being laid down.
How they affect earths surface.
weathering breaks down large rocks and destroys earth and rocks. It also cretes new mountains. Eroion moves things from one place to another om earth.depostion creates new layers on earth.
How they affect florida.
in florida erosion affects the home of animals by flodding the homes of the animals.weathering in florida creates sinkholes by weathering the limestone,bedrock and other sediment to create sinkholes,and as stated earlier depostion creates shoreline and in florida-
Depostion pros and cons.
deposition can create large landforms,for example it created the grand canyon,deposition also can create shorelines which also helps protect against large storms and dangerous weather,however while deposition creates shoreline it also destroys it.as a result of it-
Deposition cons countinued.
-destroying shoreline it must be replaced and this is time consuming and very costly.
How they affect florida.
-it is critical that we have alot of shoreline.
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