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Smoothie Box

No description

Sharri Park

on 22 October 2015

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Transcript of Smoothie Box

Financial Breakdown
Final pitch
Target Audience
Our product is designed for a younger, on-the-go consumer base (teens to early adult)

We created efficient technology and found the lowest prices in order to make our product affordable

It also provides a healthier and more delicious choice in comparison to other drinks sold via vending machine

Prime real estate would include all types of schools, offices, malls and gyms

By placing our machine in busy areas, we attract the attention of consumers who want something that's fast but also delicious and nutritious
To accomplish Smoothie Box's vision, we looked into several manufacturing options for machinery, technology, and ingredients
our product
Marketing Research Strategy
Customer chooses from a variety of fruits and juices from the options provided on the touch screen
Inside the machine, the fruit powders are measured out and added to the blender via a mechanical arm
liquid is then mixed in along with water
Lastly, the smoothie is delivered to the customer through our patented cup and straw system

Blint Shakes
Blint Shakes' franchised machine was well designed in a way that would allow it to be adapted into the Smoothie Box.

Cup Sealer
Incorporating an automatic cup sealer into our Smoothie Box will cover the finished smoothies for our customers' on-the-go life style.
Powdered Fruit:
Set Flavors:
(Powdered Mix)
Tropical - pineapple, coconut, mango, raspberry, pomegranate & acai
Mixed Berry - strawberry, blueberry & raspberry
Liquid options:
Orange juice powder
Apple juice powder
Nonfat powdered milk
Water Filtration System
Water being a necessary ingredient in every smoothie, a filtration system within the machine will allow for easy access to clean and efficient water.

Marketing Strategy
Our goal is to be a quick, nutritious, and easy option for anyone who's in a hurry or just wants a smoothie.
Price and Size
One Size: 16oz
One Price: $4.25
Time to Make
ONLY 50 Seconds!
Brand Identity
We want our brand to be known for being a modern, laid-back, and urban label. Our machine will help us achieve this identity, through its stand-out colors and up-to date technology. Though, there are no employees to serve our customers, The Smoothie Box will be user friendly and efficient in serving our customers.
Demand Schedule
Pricing Strategy
We determined our price from our demand survey and also from local competition as well. We know this price will be effective because drinks made with fresh fruit are pricey, especially in times where the fruits are not in season. Also, the machine allows the customer to make a custom drink, which is usually more expensive than drinks that are already pre-set. Our prices
still allow us to make a decent amount of
money, even breaking the break-even
Colorful, with
our brand's
logo on it,
clear and
light, with a
The Idea
We researched and discussed what was popular amongst the general population, in terms of food. Nowadays, fruit smoothies and food items, such as acai bowls have been popular. Many shopping malls and locations with a lot of stores, do not have as many smoothie shops as they used to. Through this we came up with the idea of the Smoothie Box over a store because it saved room and was much quicker for someone who wanted to work out, grab before school, or go shopping. We decided to hand out a survey that asked random people, in a variety of ages, how many smoothies they would buy at 4 price points (which is shown in the following slides).
Why we chose what we chose
Our machine and choices of colors and methods are not very subtle, which we did on purpose. People enjoy taking pictures and show people what they are eating nowadays. We made sure that our product would be something that is worthy of this. We wanted to also standout, so people would be able to recognize it quickly, wherever they are.
AFC, AVC, ATC, and MC Graph
MR and MP Chart
Fixed Costs
The fixed costs include the price of buying the 25 machines and the fee for renting space in locations.
Variable Costs
The variable costs are the price of the freeze dried powders and the cost associated with labor/maintenance.
Overall Company Budget
At a consumption rate of 10,500 smoothies per month for all 25 machines, the freeze dried powder will cost about $37,325. We will have 5 employees that work with us for 30 hours a week, their wage will be $10/hour plus an additional $10 for every machine they visit to perform maintenance or restock items which should be about once a month. $50 a month for every machine will also have to be paid to rent the space the machines will occupy.
Our employees will help us part time around the office and each month will help distribute and restock our machines with the necessary ingredients.
Approx: 5 employees including the 4 of us
Pay: $10 an hour for 15 hours a week + $10 per machine refill
Utilities and Services:
Transportation Needs:
Blint Shakes' machine is a self cleaning designed machine. Work will be kept at a minimum and will only require services to restock ingredients and the occasional maintenance check.
Our transportation needs are simply for transfer of materials and ingredients to each machine. Ingredients and materials will be distributed amongst our 9 staff members (including ourselves) to be refilled into our machines each month.
How it works:
Company Goals
Our company goal is to make smoothie drinks adequately available to people in just about a minute. Rather than going into a store, waiting in line, giving the employee your order, and waiting again, the Smoothie Box offers a quick and simple solution. This new rendition of the average vending machine is perfect for people who are on the go and do not have a lot of time to spare. Located in multiple settings such as schools, offices, gyms, and malls, the Smoothie Box is perfect for any occasion and provides a great tasting smoothie in half the time.
Why Invest?
Fruit smoothies are becoming more popular and the Smoothie Box offers a quick and easy way to get a delicious and nutritious smoothie for an affordable price. Regular vending machines typically sell sugary drinks and artificial snacks; the Smoothie Box is a great alternative, it is not only healthy but fun to use.
How Are We Going To Make A Profit?
By placing our machine in busy areas, we attract the attention of consumers who want something that's fast and delicious. Consumers will not only like our nutritious smoothies but also the low price. By having a lower price, the demand for the smoothies will increase.
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