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Mincraft Prezi

No description

Christian Legere

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Mincraft Prezi

Minecraft is a virtual world where everything is made of blocks. Some blocks may be cubed like wood or stone but some can be shaped like tools you can use, like swords to kill monsters or animals or pickaxes to help you mine underground where you can find iron, gold or even diamonds! But words can't even describe this amazing but addicting video game.
Tools and Armour
Breaks Wood
Shovels Dirt
Breaks Stone
Hurts Monsters/Animals
Plows Dirt
You can craft yourself better tools depending on what you use to craft them with. Wooden tools are the worst, followed by stone, gold, iron, then diamond. Armour follows the same order, except instead of wooden armour, there is leather. In Minecraft there are helmets, chest plates, leggings, and boots you can wear to protect yourself from the dangers of the night.
Monsters and Animals
In Minecraft, monsters and animals are not very hard to find. You can even keep an animal as a pet or companion. You may have a cow, a pig, a chicken, a sheep or even a wolf to help you fight off monsters such as skeletons, zombies or spiders. You may also come upon strange, green monsters called creepers. These monsters may explode if you get too close!
Minecraft is home to many different creations made by many different people. Some creations are 3D, and some are only 1D but in all, they are all very creative and unique. These creations can vary from large pirate ships, to giant Mario figures, to huge castles home to kings and queens. It all depends on your imagination!
In Minecraft, there is a food bar which tells you the amount of hunger you have until you start get hungry. If your food bar gets to low then you can not sprint and your health will start to decrease
Different Types Of Food
Here are some different types of food in Minecraft: pork, beef, chicken, fish, apples, pumpkin pie, bread, water melons, carrots, potatoes, mushroom stew, cookies, golden apples, golden carrots, AND CAKE!!!! instead of eating cake you place it on the ground and right click it to eat it slice by slice there are six slices in one cake. Most of these foods can be cooked to give you more hunger including pork, beef, chicken, fish, and potatoes. Some food are poisonous like, spider eyes, rotten flesh, and poisonous potatoes.
In Minecraft you can use a hoe to farm food. Having water at the maximum of four blocks away helps to grow your plants faster. some types of farmable food are, wheat, potatoes, carrots, water melons, and pumpkins. To get these even faster you can use bones to make bonemeal.

In Minecraft you can make potions. Most potions will help you during your fight against Mobs or other players, but you can create some potions to hurt your enemies.
Different Types Of Potions

There are many different types of potions in the Minecraft world, i will only list the important ones, strength, invisibility, swiftness, instant health, fire resistance, night vision, and regeneration, all of these potions can be made to last longer with redstone or turned into a splash potion with gunpowder.
Players can improve their skills with enchantments. Enchantments can help you to defeat mobs quicker or make yourself harder to kill. You can enchant all your armor, your sword so you can kill mobs quicker, and your tools, to break blocks faster. Before you can you can enchant your items, you need to craft an enchantment table. If you want a larger enchantment, you need to have a lot of levels and the more levels you get, the bigger the enchantment will be. Some useful enchantments for your sword are sharpness, which makes your sword do more damage, fire aspect which lights your targets on fire, and knockback, which throws your opponents back. Some enchantments for your tools are unbreaking, which makes your tools last longer so they don’t break, and efficiency, which helps you break blocks quicker. Some enchantments for your armor are thorns, which hurts the opponent when they hit you, respiration, which gives you 15 more seconds to breathe underwater and gives you one second between suffocation, feather falling, which reduces fall damage, protection, which converts damage to the armor you are wearing. There is also blast protection which reduces explosion damage, fire protection, which reduces fire damage, and projectile protection, which reduces arrow damage. You can also put enchanted books into an anvil with an item, and it will enchant that certain item, according to the enchantment on the book. In survival mode, you can only find five different types of enchanted books. There is silk touch, unbreaking, sharpness, smite, and bane of arthropods.

Other then singleplayer there is another way to play on Minecraft which is called Multiplayer this form of game play allows players to join one world to play together. These are called severs.In servers you can find minigames, you can go in to creative mode or play hunger games.
Some players like to make their Minecraft a little different by using mods. Mod is a short form for modification, which modifies your game. Some mods can change the animals in the game, like the archeology mod and the more creatures mod. Some mods can give you different items as well, just like the emerald tools mod, explosives mod, and the angry birds mod.
The Nether is a world in Minecraft home to ghasts, zombie pigmen, blazes, and wither skeletons. This whole different world in like a giant cave made of a block called netherack. There is a lot of lava in the nether as well so you need to be very careful when walking around. The zombie pigmen act as a team. If you hit one pigman, all of the pigmen in the area will try to kill you as well. Zombie pigmen are also very powerful because they have golden swords. You can also find mushrooms and nether warts in the nether. Mushrooms are located anywhere on the netherack and nether warts are located in nether fortresses, along with wither skeletons, and blazes.
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