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Westcourt Partnership

Pitch by iQ to Westcourt

Jacqui Chase

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Westcourt Partnership

Key Referral Partners Partner Benefits Income stream - no additional outlay or employment costs
Sticking to core business
Exclusive relationship with IQ
Retain and recruit broker reps
Up to 45.5% upfront revenue
Compliant and supported by major institution
Total risk management solution
Specialised offer (not everything to all)
Broker Benefits Easy for your clients
No paperwork – ever!
Retain and enhance client relationship
Hot button selling – potential for immediate cover
Service the client at a time that suits you and client
Broker is key driver
Increased referrals
80% clients don’t want adviser!!
iQ Philosophy “Your Client. Your Business.”
We facilitate the process
Always focus on protecting our partners
Utilise latest technology
Sharing in profitable business
Keep you informed
iQ Solution Putting the comparison tool in your hands
Consistent client experience
Minimises time prior to application
Automatic triennial review
95% of insurance providers
Scalability Remuneration Model ChannelsNo of relationshipsClient RebateGroup SplitHigh Premium Reward
WholesaleOne per sector12.5%20.5%Up to 25%
RetailWeb – general public10%0%0%
Typical Cases CoverPremiumReferrer Split
Eg 17.5%Group Split

Eg 3%High Premium Reward
35 male $1m life/tpd$2,184$382$66$0
45 male $7,500 pm IP$2,564$449$77$256
45 male $1m life/tpd$4,236$741$127$635
55 female $7,500 pm IP
20% Income Projections Average Premium$1700High Premium Reward0%
CasesPremiumClient RebateReferrer PaymentHeader GroupHigh Premium RewardTotal Group Payments
Year 1200$340,000$42,500$59,500$10,200$0$69,700
Year 2400$680,000$85,000$119,000$20,400$0$139,400
Year 3600$1,020,000$127,500$178,500$30,600$0$209,100 Strategic Partner Benefits Additional income stream with no capital outlay or ongoing employment costs
Filling the gaps - giving an online life solution to distributors
Gaining leading edge technology solutions in life insurance delivery
Client retention – reviews
Standardised compliant process
Sticking to core business and outsourcing the rest Become Key Referral Partners Today "Your Client. Your Business."
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