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Central ES-Waddell's Visit


Brandi Rosales

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Central ES-Waddell's Visit

Welcome Dr. Waddell Central Elementary Today, I will do more than I have to do. I will treat others as I want to be treated and I will become a better person. STUDENTS
African American: 2.5%
Hispanic: 93.8%
White: 3.2%
Native American: .4%
Asian/Pacific Islander: .1% Economics of Central Families
Economically Disadvantaged: 91.5%
Limited English Proficent (LEP): 87.7%
At-Risk: 92.5% Faculty Data
Average Years of Teaching Experience: 9
Average Years of Teaching Experience with LISD: 5 Safe and Orderly Environment Climate of High Expectations of Success Instructional Leadership Clear and Focused Mission Opportunity to Learn and Student Time on Task Frequent Monitoring of Student Progress Home-School Relations Effective School Correlates The New Digital Learning Environment The New Learning Standards Assessments for Learning Accountability for Learning Organizational Transformation A More Balanced and
State/Local Partnership CBA Student Data Discussions PTA LBB Clubs We are committed to challenge all students and support academic achievement in a safe environment empowering them to become successful, life long learners and productive citizens. Library
Night Team Building &
Capacity Development ESD RAMP Award
CREST Award Dual Language Academic Vocabulary Thinking Maps Balanced Literacy Comprehension Toolkit Benchmark Discussions Campus Committees 90 Minute Schedule Professional Learning Communities Parent Involvement Room Library Flex Scheduling School Wide Policies Safety Patrol Differentiation Daily Schedule Administrator Walk Through Stuggling Student Discussions Communities in School Academic Family Nights SIOP
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