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Vaccines- Informative Speech

History of Vaccines How a Vaccine Works Current Importance

Anne Ehresmann

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Vaccines- Informative Speech

Vaccines Then, How, and Now How a Vaccine Works Importance Today The Public College Students In the Body Needle vs. Nasal Spray Variolation History of Vaccines Immunization through purposeful infection. Administered

Possible Minor Symptoms

'Memory' T- Lymphocytes

Protection Types of Vaccines
-conjugate Prerequisite Vaccines -
Mary Wortley Montagu Equally effective Nasal Spray is a good option for children Booster Shots Seasonal Flu You being healthy keeps me healthy Overseas Travel Vaccines are Effective Influenza Vaccines - Keep yourself healthy and in class
Keeping other students and classmates healthy Vaccines Then


Now Edward Jenner Lewis Pasteur
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