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light energy

No description

krista murphree

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of light energy

lenses color mirrors Is light matter? light is a form of energy light travels in beams called rays light rays bounce off flat polished surfaces to create mirror images convex mirrors curve out Concave Mirrors Cave in noway! Discuss with the person next to you! laser beams carry enough energy to melt the hardest metals. How is light produced? All objects give or reflect light How does light travel? Light ray: Beam of light
Rays travel straight unless they are moving from one substance to another. 360 Degree Mirror Wide angle view Reduced, upright images Transparent Translucent opaque block light block light
opaque envelopes allow light to pass through with almost no disturance transparet toaster! part of light may pass through What are lenses? pieces of transparent materials with curved surfaces. Convex lenes Concave lenses curve outward curve inward Light energy How does a rainbow work? Ask your neighbor Prism Spectrum Why do we see black and white color? Ask your neighbor what do black and white have in common?

They both reflect all types of light equally
White reflects all the light
Black absorbs all the light

Our eyes react to different shades of light
and what we determine as colors are wavelengths of light. when we say an object is a certian color, it is because it is reflecting more of a certain wavelength light. Red objects reflect red! I am important! One- scisser/materials manager two- sticker three- foiler four- Saran wrapper five- reflect manager What do I do? One Two Three Four Five 1. glue aluminum foil to all Insidesurfaces of the sides of the box.
creates radiation trap
traps, by reflection, radiation that is radiated by the food and air inside.

1.On the top flap of the pizza box, draw a square with a marker with edges spaced 1" form trhe four sides of the box
2. Cut along ONLY THREE sides of the box.
this should leave a flap
fold open the flap and crease Glue aluminum foil to the inside surfaceof the top flap
make sure shiney side is facing up. Why?
no wrikles!! Why? 1. Tape the black construction paperto the bottom of the box. What will this color paper do? absorb the incoming sunlight light refects off of shiny surfaces!
forms a reflector, to refelct sunlight into the oven. 1. Carfully stretch the plasticwrap over the opening of the box. 2. Seal the edges of the box with tape. make sure the saran wrap has no wrinkles. 1. Tape string to flap with the help of a two.
2. This is the reflector
reflect light into oven Just a thought!? 1.What if you used a magnifying glass?
2. What if you packed the box with newspaper? Does not allow light to pass through A triangular piece of polished glass color band
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