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Filipino Resistance to Spanish Oppression and Exploitation

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Wilbur Carlobos

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Filipino Resistance to Spanish Oppression and Exploitation

Filipino Resistance to Spanish Oppression and Exploitation

Lakandula/Sulayman Revolt (1574)
*Revocation of Legazpi's pledge
*Lavezaris disallowed natives to be exempted from polo and other special privileges
*Lakandula and Sulayman defended Manila but was defeated, captured and killed because they were less equipped.
Francisco Dagohoy (1744-1829)
*Refusal of Father Gaspar Morales to give a Christian burial to his brother who died in service
*They had several successes, but they ultimately lacked the resources to defeat the might of Spain
Tondo Conspiracy (1587-1588)
*Regain leadership from the colonizers
*All leaders were investigated and suffered cruel punishment including execution
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