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School Fair: Lyndale Community School

No description

jenny bordon

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of School Fair: Lyndale Community School

Environment Community 65% of MPS Students qualify for free and reduced lunch

Some zone-three elementary schools have little poverty

Some zone-three elementary schools have concentrated poverty

Individual choice decisions have a profound effect on these numbers And kids love
to walk and bike to school. author visits Core Knowledge provides a richness to the school day, sparks imagination, and shapes dinner conversations of Lyndale Families. Lyndale Community School diversity *equity* environmental
responsibility community "At my old school it felt like there was only one way to be. At Lyndale there are lots of ways to be." Peace Plays:
preparing for the 3rd grade showcase A Lyndale 1st
grader can...
And tell you
why Mesopotamia
matters. Organics Composting Youth Farm Walk & Bike to School Days Well--they learn how a mummy is made. Kids don't actually make mummies at Lyndale Community School. Lyndale had

#1 growth in reading

#2 growth in math

for the entire District! Click on the link and learn some greetings in English, Somali & Spanish--brought to you by Lyndale families.

http://voicethread.com/share/1405636/ Much like a small business an embraced community school adds value to a neighborhood, http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2008/sep/03/publicschools.schools We live in an increasingly global society. To be successful in the modern world, our children will need to be able to forge relationships with people from a broad range of backgrounds. Children at Lyndale come from backgrounds across the economic and cultural spectrum. This diversity provides a richness of perspectives in the classroom. Children at Lyndale Community School work on developing Cultural Competence at recess! (They call it making friends.) Our School Day runs 8:40AM to 3:10PM.
(Morning High Five 8:40AM-11:30AM, afternoon 12:10PM-3:10PM)

Kindergarten is full day.

Minneapolis Kids is available for before and after school care.

There are also affordable after-school enrichment classes--Lego Robotics, Spanish, chess, cooking, Japanese, guitar, a YMCA partnership
and more. Don't live in the neighborhood? Lyndale Community School is a welcoming place. Families also choose to provide their own transportation to school. Multicultural Night: Samboosas, Tamales
and more. YUM! The Jungle Theater works with the fifth grade. Last year kids performed Midsummer Night's Dream on the playground for the whole community. Were you there? It was fabulous. We love the Neighborhood Bridges program. The Children's Theatre Company works with our third grade for the entire school year culminating with a not-to-miss play on the main stage. Lyndale students get the "opera-"tunity to sing with a professional opera--with our partnership with Opera for the Young. All teachers are trained by the MIA in Visual Thinking Strategies--shown to improve critical thinking and comprehension. Children enjoy field trips to the MIA as well. Last year the Lyndale Band played with other MPS students on the stage of the Minnesota Orchestra. Kids also go on field trips here. Academic Rigor Arts "A very strong school leader who's focused on students learning and achieving." Every grade puts on a showcase for the entire school, fostering leadership, public speaking skills and confidence. At a recent School Board meeting, District Staff Jill Stever-Zeitlin and Dr. David Heistad explain to the School Board how Lyndale is a shining star in the District. Here is some of what they said: "A high proportion of teachers who really are going above and beyond." And kids learn how to make a mummy too! Come check us out!

Lyndale School runs tours on Thursdays and Fridays at 9A.M. Call 612-668-4000 to RSVP.

MPS Choice cards are due February 29th, 2012. Can you locate the area that was once Mesopotamia on a map? The PTO's sole mission is to build community (no wrapping paper fundraisers here!)
We have four school-wide family evening events: The Carnival starts the year with a jump house, games, (and too many whistle prizes, depending on who you ask) followed by Turkey Bingo in November. In the winter we play games and share knowledge on Science Fair & Math Night followed by a spring celebration of our diversity on Multi-cultural Night. Lyndale is the community school for all of East Harriet, Kingfield, Lyndale and some of CARAG.

High Five (pre-school), English Language Learners, and Special Education students have a larger bus zone.

Also, families "open enroll," and provide their own transportation to school. K-2 Choir

3-5 Choir

Thriving Band Music--at least
once per week

Art--at least
once per week

some classes twice

(also weekly Physical
Education, Arabic and Media
specialists) art to share: panels for the Rose Garden A Kindergarten Schedule 8:50-9:00 Morning Meeting
9:00-9:50 Reader's Workshop
9:55-10:30 Writer's Workshop
10:35-11:30 Math Workshop
11:35-12:20 Lunch/Recess
12:25-1:00 Calendar/Read Aloud
1:00-1:55 Specialists

Monday – Media
Tuesday – Art
Wednesday – Physical Education
Thursday – Music
Friday – Media

2:00-2:10 Snack/Water
2:10-2:40 Science/Social Studies-Core Knowledge
2:40-2:55 Free Choice
3:00 Bus Dismissal differentiated,
data-driven instruction Shop Locally! adding walkability & bike-ability and providing many opportunities for neighbors to forge connections and build community. Engaging, hands-on science instruction. And an abundance of science partnerships and field trips. MN Sinfonia Musicans visit every classroom, then perform a concert for the entire school. The Lyndale School choir also sings with the orchestra. challenging every student We offer Gifted and Talented education too. My child goes to Lyndale My child goes to Lyndale
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