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Creating a Personal Narrative SpringBoard 6 Activity 1.8

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Kathleen Swinehart

on 16 September 2014

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Transcript of Creating a Personal Narrative SpringBoard 6 Activity 1.8

Visualize a personal incident about change.
Think about the narratives you have read and how the writers created a story around an incident.

My Superpowers- Over coming a bully and getting the last laugh.
The Jacket- The ugly jacket that became part of who he is.
Kira-Kira- The dog attacking and the sisters compassion

List some of the incidents that resulted in some kind of change to your life. An example might be events that happened when changing from elementary school to middle school.

Choosing an Incident to Narrate
Choose one memorable incident that you would be willing to share as a visual memory map.

Think back to that incident and determine what happened at the beginning, in the middle, and at the end.

Try to come up with at least eight to ten events for the entire incident, at least three to four for each part.

Use the graphic organizer to list the events of the incident.

Brainstorm Details for Events
For each event you listed, record descriptive language (connotative diction, sensory details, vivid verbs) and dialogue. Use the questions on the graphic organizer to guide your thoughts.
Beginning Details/ Incident
Middle Details/ Response
Describe events in chronological order. Include dialogue.

What happened? (conflict)

What were you and others doing?

What were you thinking and feeling?
Ending Details/ Reflection
How did it end?

What did you learn, discover, or realize?

How did you grow?
Creating a Memory Map
For each event you have listed, you will create one panel or page and include the following:

Write a sentence that gives specific details about the event. Then, write commentary using a different-colored pen. Your commentary should explain the importance of the event or explain your feelings and emotions at the time. Be sure to include transitions.

Using a third color, provide one sentence of dialogue for the scene.

Create a drawing or graphic representation for each event.

Give your Memory Map a title that will intrigue the reader and represent the narrative.

Be prepared to present your Memory Map, telling your story to either a small group or the whole class.

Save All Your Work!!!!
You will use your Memory Map in the next activities as you write a narrative.

Creating a Personal Narrative
SpringBoard 6 Activity 1.8

What was the time and place? (setting)

Who was there? (characters)

What were you (the narrator) doing, thinking, and feeling?
The Structure of A Personal Narrative
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