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Nuclear Energy

The best power ever!

Jordyn Jones

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of Nuclear Energy

Workplace Revolution
Save the Day with the Truth About Nuclear Energy
Potential Problems
The Changes to Society
Benefits of
Nuclear Energy
The workplace would be changed if nuclear energy was the next big renewable energy source. This would provide a large set of jobs that need to be filled. Because of the need of specialization, it would be a high paying job. Also because of the the safety procedures taken, it would be one of the safest jobs in alternative energy.
The Product
Change in Our Lives
The concept of nuclear energy is simple. there are two ways to make power: fusion and fission. Nuclear fusion is in its earliest stages, and although it creates more power, we do not have the technology needed. Fission is simple, a free neutron slices an atom nucleus in half, and creates two lighter nuclei. it also allows the formation of more free neutrons, which proceed to split more atoms, and create a chain reaction. This means that you would mean you could have an infinite amount of energy.
How It Works
Wheeler, Jill C. Nuclear Power. Edina, MN: ABDO Pub., 2008. Print.
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Arnold, Guy. Facts on Nuclear Energy. New York: F. Watts, 1990. 7+. Print.
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Nuclear Energy is the most beneficial of the energies that we currently have. One pound of uranium, using the U-235 isotope, can give the same amount of power as 3,000,000,000 pounds of coal. Without nuclear energy,many of the surface ships and submarines currently traveling the sea would not work. Also, nuclear fission provides power for 1,000,000,000 people, 1/7nth of the worlds population.
Main Benefits
They have the potential to have massive effects on public health and the environment. However, coal-fired power plants release higher levels of radioactive materials into the atmosphere than properly functioning nuclear power plant. The nuclear power plant on Three Mile Island suffered a partial core meltdown. 60 radiation-related deaths have resulted from incidents like this. Disposal of nuclear waste. Several large scale disposal options, such as massive storage facility at Yucca Mountain. Many have questioned the safety of the facility, citing security concerns and geological phenomenon such as earthquakes. The last plant constructed in Ontario, Darlington, was budgeted at $3.4 billion but ended up costing $15 billion when it was finally completed in the mid-1980s.
Problems With the Power
Nuclear Energy is used worldwide to power machines and countries. France takes 75 percent of its power from nuclear energy, and they have not had a single problem. The media often exaggerates the impact of nuclear energy on the world. Nuclear energy has more restrictions on it than any other industry. These are needed to provide a safe workplace for all the workers. Nothing can be said about nuclear energy, as it is completely safe. Safer, in fact, than most other alternative energies.
Real Deal in Nuclear Energy
The Nuclear
As the Ford Nucleon shows, transport would be changed, as well as life, with new innovation. For the most part things would stay the same, but energy would be cheaper and more affordable. Things would last longer and could work better.
The city needs nuclear power!
By: Charles Cheron, JC Hutchison, Kyle Strain,
Other Information
Most United States aircraft carriers run on nuclear energy.
It is a requirement that all factories be made with a shutdown protocol, so that if the factory has the beginning of a meltdown, the factory can be shut down in seconds.
Chernobyl was only a problem because nobody was alerted of a meltdown. With proper warnings, there is a one in one billionth chance that radiation will get into your food or water supply.
Fukushima was only a problem because it was built too close to the coast. Now regulation prohibits this.
In fact, more people have ever died of sunburn, than of nuclear energy.
It is also cost less than any other type of alternative energy.
In the
Nuclear Energy is the best decision.
Nuclear Energy for the
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