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Banquet Setup and Service

No description

Jayma Vaughan

on 13 December 2016

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Transcript of Banquet Setup and Service

Banquet Setup & Service
Server Terms
American Place Setting
American Service Style
Banquet Positions
Make a b and d with your fingers
Four letters in fork and left
Five letters in right, knife, spoon
Guests work from the outside and move in
Distance between fork and knife = 12 inches
Characterized by "food on the plate, no wait"
1832 - Delmonicos restaurant in New York City opened and taught the American public how to enjoy fine dining
Also called "plate service"
All food is served on the guest's left with left hand
All beverages served on the guest's right with the right hand
All bussing is done from the guest's right with the right hand
"Lower left, raise right"
In the Weeds - dates back to Prohibition
Sidetowel - insulate and clean up
Hotel ovals - trays
Sidestand or traystand - hold trays
Hand or arm service - no trays
Sidework - tasks other than waiting on guests
Server Tips
When pouring beverages, leave glass on table
Pour coffee with right, use left hand shield
Attempt to bring all food at table at one time
never stack or scrape dishes at table
Never reach across guests - use common sense
Banquet Captain - overseeing service and servers
Sommelier or Wine Steward - suggesting and selling wine
Servers - serve!
Busperson - laying cover, removing dishes
Stewards - prepare all silver and dishes for events
BEO - Banquet Event Order
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