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Sensemaking through Snapchat

Senior Project

Christie Kuehner

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of Sensemaking through Snapchat

Through Snapchat

How does the Villanova community engage with the collective storytelling characteristic of Snapchat Stories to both understand Day of Service and identify themselves as Villanovans?
Quick list:
Sensemaking literature review
Presentation of additional literature
Our sensemaking
"The process by which people give meaning to experience."
What is Snapchat?
Social Identity and
Collective Experiences

How does the Villanova community
engage with the collective storytelling characteristic of Snapchat Stories to both understand Day of Service and identify themselves as Villanovans?
What is Snapchat?
- (Alfred Hermida, 2010, p. 301)

Social identity:
“a theoretical framework that is
used to examine the foundation
and development of group selection
and associative behaviors”

“Within the sphere of everyday political and social activities, online activity may connect disorganized crowds and enable the formation of networked publics around communities, actual and imagined”


Research Instruments
Data Analysis
“Snapchat guarantees that a shared ‘moment’ is in fact a moment occurring at (or very close to) the act of sharing… a ‘snap’ thus represents a deliberative, shared experience that is temporally bounded”

-Bayer, et al., 2016, p. 7
- Karl Weick, 1988, p. 27
- Mudrick, et. al., 2016,
p. 897
- Papacharissi, 2016,
p. 310
How does the Villanova community engage with the collective storytelling characteristic of Snapchat Stories to both understand Day of Service and identify themselves as Villanovans?
Senior Female 1:

“When I think service in general, I don’t automatically associate it with being fun. But I think that the Snapchat story this year showed all the different service sites and volunteers working together in a special and cool way.”
Junior female 1:

“It also made me realize the bigger picture too...the overall purpose of volunteering as a Villanovan to help outside communities just encompasses our mission as a school to help others.”
Pride: What it means to
be a Villanovan
Junior Female 3:

“I felt proud to be a Villanovan after participating in Day of Service because it reminded me of what’s important. That day helped me make sense out of what we were doing… I felt like I had a purpose.”
Junior Male 3:

“That day made me, like, take a step back and, first of all, realize how lucky I am, and then, it made me want to volunteer more. To give back to the community as a Villanovan because that’s what we’re all about.”
“Were the person not feeling guilty, she would be significantly less likely to help… Catholic guilt is thus seen as a source of motivation that enhances helping behavior, but may not express virtuous character”
Catholic guilt

“Interjected motivation is primarily about guilt: one part of the person is forcing another to act to avoid negative self feelings,”

FOMO: Fear of missing out
Junior female 4:

“I chose to sleep in rather than go to my group’s service site and then I saw some of my friends that made it onto the ‘Nova Snapchat account having a good time. I sort of felt a sense of guilt over not attending. I felt like I missed out.”
University official:

“Snapchat is universal. Everyone in this age group is using it… you feel left out if you’re not participating, it seems. When I viewed the [VillanovaU] story, I could see the different groups participating and get a global picture in real time of what was happening on the day instead of in parcels.”

“Social networking sites serve as a means to collect, communicate, share and display news and information, serving diverse purposes… on different levels of engagement”

Gross Implications and Significance of Social Media

- Alfred Hermida, 2010, p. 301
- (Alfred Hermida, 2010, p. 301)

"With an increasing amount of power now in the hands of the users that interact with social media, corporations that take advantage of utilizing social media understand that all 'buzz' about their company is good buzz. The key is to simply start the conversation.”

“The power has been taken from those in marketing and public relations by the individuals and communities that create, share, and consume.”

Corporations Utilizing
Social Media
Awareness of Audiences
Social Media Use
and Significance

Geographic based Snapchat story
DOS Snapchat Account Following
Access to posting on story
Highly "on brand" content
Focus group/ interview volunteer size
Group think in focus groups
Future Research
How does Snapchat portray events?How do users understand events?
Villanova could use our research to further implement social campaigns like this through Snapchat for future events
Lift the study outside of the Villanova community into other larger-scale events with Snapchat Live stories used

Research Question:

“The visual nature of Snapchat provides an opportunity to see a friend’s experience and increase ‘social presence’ as well as the feeling of authenticity or togetherness”

- Bayer 2016, p. 19
“Ephemerality is sometimes paired with anonymity, which both afford greater privacy for users [and] facilitate benefits for users that are distinct from those associated with more permanent platforms”

“Heavier users of social networking sites reported higher levels of openness to experience”

-Bayer, 2016, p. 16
- Correa, 2010, p. 28
-McCarthy, 2011, p. 248
-Sheldon 2006, p. 211
-Sheldon 2006, p. 213
- McCarthy, 2011, p. 242
Senior Male 3:

"I spent the day cleaning up on the Lancaster Avenue clean-up and honestly I didn't see the point in it. But then I saw the Snapchat and saw other people fixing a elementary school in need and I saw the bigger picture"
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