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Sensemaking through Snapchat

Senior Project

Christie Kuehner

on 2 December 2016

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Transcript of Sensemaking through Snapchat

Figs Ties
Slaves to Fashion
How does a company make money, please shareholders, and not cause harm to its workers and their communities?
From the worker's Point of view:
Causes poor treatment of workers
Key Terms
A wage that can support the basic needs of a small family
Manufacturing Squeeze
Quick list:
New Marketing
Selling the label- not the quality of apparel
Definitions for Sweatshop & Living wage
Reasons for using sweatshops
American Apparel's business model
Everlane's journey of a Tee-shirt
Selling for the label, not the quality
Manufacturing squeeze
A factory that violates two or more of the basic labor laws, which include child labor, minimum wage, overtime, and fire safety laws.
Living Wage:
1) Increase CEO paychecks
2) Increase Profit Margins
3) Please Shareholders
Companies get, and stay, involved due to industry competition
Nike- Adidas rivalry
It offers opportunities to experiment with product lines and supplier relationships with minimal financial risk.
Companies don't have to worry about manufacturing details

They can also accept special high quantity orders.
The factories will have advanced tools and resources.
Cycle Time:
Allows the company to turn products around quickly in order to meet consumer demand and avoid inventory build-ups.
Further Corporate Advantages
Contract Manufacturing
American Apparel
"What I'm going to prove, and I'm going to embarrass the entire ******* establishment, is that sweatshops are more expensive in the end than vertically integrated manufacturing in Canada or the U.S. You see, those prisons in China are inefficient and the opportunity cost of offshore production is huge, because you can't respond to market demands as quickly"
The employees' perspectives
The fashion industry aiding developing nations
"I am working for free. The supervisor has told me because I am learning I don't get paid. It has been like this for months"
--Amitosh, 10 years old
"Last week, we spent four days working from dawn until about one o'clock in the morning the following day. I was so tired I felt sick. If any of us cried we were hit with a rubber pipe. Some of the boys had oily cloths stuffed in their mouths as punishment."
--Jivaj, 12 years old
"I was so excited to have the opportunity to work, I felt that I was doing my part in contributing to the family funds, which made me happy."
It's honorable to work as a child- even if they stop attending school
Safer and better paying jobs were only for those with college educations
Sweatshops were the only places that would allow child labor because they were able to get away with even lower wages
sell tie -> give a uniform

source of pride and status
necessary for schooling
protection from diseases
why uniforms?
giving shoes & creating jobs
"[Elsey] believes by creating commerce, locals won't have to travel to the congested capital and will be able to earn money or, at the very least, be in a position to barter."
"If a company such a Nike were to
double the wages, it would only be
1% of their profits. Although this
is still hundreds of thousands of
dollars, in a multi-billion dollar
company, they can afford the
Daily wages
California wage
-MacNevin, "Fashionistas against Sweatshops," The Lilith
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