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The Witches Censorship

No description

Wilson Liang

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of The Witches Censorship

The Witches Censorship By Tristan Wong
and Wilson Liang Who is Roald Dahl? The Witches Summary Target


Fiction Why was "The Witches" challenged/banned? Banned in:
Rhode Island
Washington D.C. Birth: September 13th 1916, Llandaff, Wales

Career: Joined the Royal Air Force at age 23
Started writing career in Washington in 1942
Published first book in 1943 (The Gremlins)
In addition to children books, also wrote short
adult stories
Later died of blood disorder (Nov 23rd 1990) History of Banning "The Witches": In 1983, challenges made to schools
and libraries about books has increased
"The Witches" is the 9th most banned
book in the 1990s
"The Witches" is the 27th most
challenged book in the 1990s 5 Reasons:
Negative Influence Ageism: The book portrays some negative
attributes of adults
Witches are all adults in this book
The book also devalues the life of
children Sexism "A witch is always a women"
-Grandmother's description
of a witch.
With that line, it directs most
of the negative description
onto females. The witches were
also described as "vile, obnoxious
creatures". Violence There are several mentions of
violence in the book:
" We could round them all up
and put them in the meat-grinder"
- Grandmother
An entire scene of mice being
assaulted by frying pans and knives
Grandmother also promotes violence
as a means of solving problems
The child takes retribution on the
adults (witches) without punishment Witch Craft The Christian Religion banned
witchcraft and it's satanic values.

Other witches societies were also

Children might also be intrigued
to practice witchcraft Negative Influence The book was against personal
hygiene (bathing, keeping clean)
as it portrayed that witches can
detect cleaner children easier.
The book also has smoking, neglect,
stealing and children misbehaving. Censorship: To Ban or not to ban We do not believe that this book deserves to be censored from any member of the public for the following reasons: The book follows the story of an unnamed boy. After his parents are killed in a car crash, he moves to live with his Grandmother. His Grandmother later tells the boy of the existence of witches in society. Stating that they are always women and horribly evil. The boy is later caught by the witches and turned into a mouse by a magical potion. Eventually with the help of his grandmother, the boy is able to sabotage the witches food with the potion and turn them into mice which are exterminated. The boy never does recover his human form, but is happy because it means he won't have to live longer than his grandmother. Here is a video of the grandmother describing the witches. *warning: spooky! *
(Also, bad audio..) - It is the reader's choice whether
to read the book or not

-The content and humour of the book
appeals to all ages

-Although, some of the themes
may be obscene, we do not believe
that it is strong enough to be
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