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Setting of a Story

No description

Lindsay Pfab

on 29 September 2014

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Transcript of Setting of a Story

Setting of a Story
What does setting mean?
Setting is the story’s time and place.
Examples of Setting
In the Dark Knight, Batman fights many crimes in Gotham City. Gotham City is a good example for the setting the Dark Knight. It is dark and gloomy which is a good setting for a crime fighting city and describes Gotham very well.
Setting the Scene:
In this activity you will be finding the environment, mood, where, and when the scene of these two pictures take place using clues. You will be working with a partner.
Another example of setting is Hogwarts in the movie series Harry Potter. Hogwarts is an example of setting because it is where the movies take place and the surroundings of the movies. During the night the mood would be mysterious.

Made by: Lindsay Pfab, Jessie Kogler,
Alex Mullen, and Mason Bussard
9/11 Example:
Time- September 11th, 2001
Place- New York City
Environment- smokey
Personality/Mood- panic
Use clues to find

London 1900s
London today
See the difference?
climate and environment.
Use clues to find
For example, the setting in London in the 1900s is much different than it is today.
Setting also has it own personality and mood.
historical moment the story occupies or its social context.
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