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The Garden Party

Jess, Tiffany, Bailey and Audrey

Jessica Steitz

on 2 June 2011

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Transcript of The Garden Party

The Garden
Party Historical Context Social, political, and economic turmoil Measures (Four Corners Analysis) Author's Purpose Connections Lenin Sudden changes in government scared people Prompted people to evaluate how they lived “He was far from all those things. he was wonderful, beautiful . . . this marvel had come to the lane. Happy... happy... All is well” (Mansfield 12). "Help me, God" (Mansfield 11). New Testament Light and Dark Imagery upper/ lower class and good day/ death occurs
night and day hardly mix Between the 2 world wars The year is now 1922 Millions have lost their lives Ends 1919 Fascist leaders take over Mussolini Communists rise Were social classes moral? Persephone Greek Mythology -- Greek goddess of the underworld Hat Laura's mother's view on the world
Laura's realization Butterfly Mansfield's Other Stories "Bliss" "Prelude" "flies" away to their own world
"flies" above everyone else
Laura "flies" away from reality with her mother Examine small details
Eliminate ignorance
(before it's too late) "And there were two tiny spots of sun, one on the inkpot, one on a silver photograph frame, playing too. Darling little spots. Especially the one on the inkpot lid" (Mansfield 3). "forgive my hat" (12). kidnapped by Hades
comes back wiser through epiphany In the short story The Garden Party, Katherine Mansfield reveals how unreasonable it is to wait for tragedy to bring about unity
through the main character’s encounter with death. Social Classes When in doubt, it's from Shakespeare... Tragedy Unity wealthy upper class dream world away from reality The Little Match Girl Hans Christian Andersen "Both flew in brightness and in joy so high, so very high, and then above was neither cold, nor hunger, nor anxiety--they were with God" "No one had the slightest suspicion of what beautiful things she had seen; no one even dreamed of the splendor" 1845 ...to the World povery is very real, in all forms applies to all readers some turn their heads others lend a hand epiphany stage more to life than being rich! significance of death Laura Belonging Level first: belong to social class

last: trying to belong somwhere else
(NOT HER FAMILY!) Cinderella Mrs. Sheridan vs Cinderella's stepmother
high in society; nothing to work/care for all through out... ATTENTION:
SHAKE IS EVERYWHERE “‘Not in the garden?...You are being very absurd, Laura’ she said coldly. ‘People like that don’t expect sacrifices from us’” (8). -Mrs. Sheridan vs Garden Party The Taming of the Shrew In Act 4 Scene 4 of the play, the line,
“Not in my house” as seen in How To Read Literature Like A Professor ‘Isn’t life,’ she stammered, ‘isn’t life--’ But what life was she couldn’t explain” (12). -Laura violence metaphor= what life can be+ what others might not see in life.. DEATH life can't be explained?? Politics high class refuse to pay attention to lower “Nobody expects us to. Don’t be so extravagant” (7) Mrs. Sheridan "We go together like bread and butter!" bread+ butter= Laura's excuses “It’s so delicious to have an excuse for eating out of doors” (1) Laura “she pointed to the lily-lawn with the hand that didn’t hold the bread-and-butter” (2) Laura HAHA, Irony! 3rd person
(narrator withholds info from characters) the weather “They could not have had a more perfect
day for a garden-party is they had ordered it” (1) (not @ the end of the book! Katherine Mansfield publishes The Garden Party Hitler World War I Aftermath of War don't wait for death take initiative 3 years after WWI Katherine Mansfield 1888: Wellington, New Zealand Harold Beauchamp Alienated Tuberculosis Europe (Died at 34) Annie Burnell Dyer London Queens College Bisexuality Laura Final Days
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