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90 Miles to Havana Major Events Timeline (Project 57)

No description

Ella Phillips

on 12 March 2016

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Transcript of 90 Miles to Havana Major Events Timeline (Project 57)

90 Miles to Havana Major Events Timeline (Project 57)
First Major Event
The first major event in the book is when Julian loses a huge fish. "Its sword is slashing at the blue sky, the black and purple stripes on its back sparkle as it rides its tail across the indigo swells. When the fish slaps into the water it sends up a huge splash, the line snaps, and I fly back into the chair," (Galbis 9).
Second Major Event
The second major event in the book is when the
runs away from Cuba. "A man with a unusually high, nasal voice is announcing that our
-president has left Cuba. He loaded up three airplanes with his family and all the money they could carry and flew away," (Galbis 19).
Third Major Event
The third major event in 90 Miles to Havana is when Julian and his brothers, Alquilino and Gordo, are going to
to the United States. "We're leaving today, to a strange country all alone to a strange camp with strange people," (Galbis 48).
Fourth Major Event
Fifth Major Event
This major event is when Julian gets to visit Miami for the day. But then he runs away from camp and stays after the bus leaves to see Thomas and help him repair a boat to bring ove people from Cuba.
Sixth Major Event
This is the event where Julian and Thomas set off to Cuba. They gather all fourteen people that are immigrating from Cuba to America and are their heros.
This is the event where Julian, Alquilino, and Gordo get to camp after
from Cuba. They are arrived with a dunking in the pool, and a lecture about fighting after Godo gets in a fight with Caballo.
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