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SSGB Training Proposal

No description

David Galicia

on 3 March 2011

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Transcript of SSGB Training Proposal

Main objectives Ensure that at least 80% of the trainees complete the training.
Reduce Black Belt hours applied to mentoring activities.
Achieve Account’s and Softtek's savings goals through completing Six Sigma Green Belt projects. Considerations 40 yearly hours per Black Belt applied to training
Training (samples and exercises) will be oriented to people daily jobs
‘‘Hybrid Training’’: can be taken either on-line or presentially
Training material will be the same for both methods
Risks We need to change the training model ASAP.
Current wave of 25 persons should’ve completed 4 courses already: 91% - 83% - 43% - 9%
There is the risk of not finishing the training
Team members may get discouraged and spread the same voice out Proposal Let us run a pilot with the current training wave at Ags (starting next week)
We’ll obtain and compare metrics
Two persons will be taking the course on-line
If we obtain the expected results the material will be updated accordingly ASAP
If not, no more effort will be printed on changing the training model Training characteristics 7 sessions: 5 DMAIC - 1 Lean - 1 Exam preparation
5 months (~1 session every 3 weeks)
Case study (to be worked on all phases)
Hands on training (practical examples of real projects)
2 Black Belts per session (nice to have - one should be enough)
Use real examples in a strong usage of Minitab.
If courses were missed SU recorded training can be taken instead. Six Sigma and Green Belt
Training Proposal Current Situation Mentoring & Training 80% of mentees
finished 6% of mentees
finished +65 hours per wave
Thank you Credits Visual effects - David Custom design - Gloria Directing - Gloria/David SS GB Class Reloaded
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