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How Did the United States Contain Communism During the Cold

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Jack Henteleff

on 24 February 2014

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Transcript of How Did the United States Contain Communism During the Cold

The Berlin Airlift, the Korean War, and the Cuban Missile Crisis were all extremely successful strategies that stopped the spread of communism. The United States did a very good job of keeping communism out. If they hadn't stepped in and helped the needy nations, it is very likely that Germany, Korea, and Cuba would all be communist nations. What would have transpired without the United States, we will never know.
Germany/Berlin divided into 4 zones
Berlin in Soviet zone of Germany
France, U.S., and Britain join zones in Berlin-making West Berlin
Communists wanted to take West Berlin over because they had "Expansive tendencies"(X)
U.S. didn't want to lose their zone, so they resisted
Soviets blockade Berlin (Berlin Map).
They wanted to weaken it to make it easier to take over.
U.S., Britain, and France respond with an airlift (Berlin Map).
The U.S., Britain, and France are flying supplies to the people in West Berlin so they can defend it and resist a takeover.
After the war, Korea divided by 38th parallel
North Korea wants to reunify Korea
"Communist North Korea (Supported by the Soviet Union) invades U.S. supported South Korea...President Harry Truman... vows to defend democratic South Korea" (Korea)
When North Korea invaded South Korea, the United States pledged to help because they didn't want North Korea to spread communism.
When the U.S. said they would defend South Korea, they had to have a plan of attack. So, "General Douglas MacArthur staged a risky, yet successful counterattack at the port of Inchon. North Korean forces were routed and pushed back all the way to the Yalu River,the border with China" (Korea)
Fidel Castro came to power in January 1959. Two years later, the United States invaded to try to take him out of power (Cuba).
He made Cuba communist, and the U.S. didn't like it.
"October 15, 1962: United States spy planes find evidence of medium range nuclear missile sites being rapidly installed in Cuba. October 23: United States announces a quarantine against ships carrying offensive weapons to Cuba" (Cuba).
The United States found out that missiles were being made in Cuba, so they set a zone around Cuba where ships carrying weapons could not go, because if Cuba had missiles, they could threaten other countries and make them submit to Cuba, and then they would become Communist.
How Did the United States Contain Communism During the Cold War?
Imagine if you lived in a place where you had no freedom, and were ruled by an evil man like Joseph Stalin. That is what it would be like in many countries if it weren't for the United States' policy of containment.
During the Cold War, the Soviet Union wanted to take over other countries and make them have the governmental system of Communism. The United States didn't like that, because they thought their governmental system of Democracy was better. As a result, the U.S. adopted a policy of "Containment", which is "Stopping the spread of Communism through military and nonmilitary ways"(Littell).
How did the U.S. Contain Communism?
Korea (Continued)
The United States nearly wiped out North Korea.
China enters war in 1950; fighting continues for 3 more years.
U.S. was very determined to stop communism.
Works Cited
In April 1963, the United States and the Soviet Union reach an agreement: Soviets withdraw their missiles from Cuba, and the United States takes missiles out of Turkey (Cuba).
No more missiles in Cuba, so they can not force other countries to become communist.
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Print. (This is the textbook)

Thanks for listening!
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