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Kevin Shin

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Plot

The Outsiders Project
Conflict of The Outsiders Chapter 6
1. Which character are the main focus for this chapter?
Chapter6 - Rising Action
Is Chapter 6 External or Internal Conflict
2. External Conflict
Person vs Nature

Why? : The word "Burning"in burning church which is fire represents nature.

What is Internal and External Conflict?
1. Internal Conflict:
Struggle within the mind of a literary character.

Struggle between a literary character and an outside force.
Why is Chapter 6 rising action?
Conflict begins- burning church

Criminal to Hero
By Harry, Jack, Kevin, Peter

Burning Church

What is rising action?
Leads to the highest Moment
Conflict begins to start
Complicated part of the story
2. Give a definition of direct/ indirect characterization and static/ dynamic character.
Direct characterization

Indirect characterization

Static character

Dynamic character
The six types of conflicts
Person vs Self

Person vs Person

Person vs Nature

Person vs Society

Person vs Supernatural

Person vs Destiny

What caused these conflicts to take place?
3. Ponyboy thought he caused the church to burn because his cigarette was not extinguished.

Ponyboy volunteered to go in and saved the kids out of guilty.
External or Internal Conflict (cont.)
Internal Conflict:
Person vs Self
Johnny was struggling inside the burning church because he was scared.

Ponyboy realizes Darry loves him as a brother.
What is the most important conflict as it relates to the rest of the story? Why?
Important Conflict: Person vs Nature
4. Because of the burning church, Johnny burns badly and he was close to death.
Why?: The burning church burnt Dallas's leg, and Johnny was close to death, which worried Darry and Sodapop.
How do the conflicts affect other elements such as character or theme in this chapter?
5. Conflict affects the character or theme by:
Showing their personality
Ponyboy feels bad about Johnny's pain.
The internal conflict made theme focuses on different situation.
Character has changed their personalities.
Dally, Johnny, and Ponyboy became hero.
What type of conflict is in the Chapter 6?
Setting in Detail
In burning church
Wood on fire
Johnny is hurt badly
Darry's Jacket
person vs nature
Hiding from police
Outside of Church
Is it external or internal conflict in the Chaper 6?
Mostly external- saving kids from the burning church
Some internal- worrying about Johnny and Dally
3. How does S.E. Hinton use characterization in this chapter?

How does the plot in the Chapter 6 effect rest of the story?

Burning Church
Johnny got burned badly
He dies
Dally suicides
Ponyboy has hard time to get
rid of the memories
Characters learning about this theme in Chapter 6
What is theme?

important lesson
What is the theme in the Chapter 6?
Importance of family

Trust for Greasers(stereotype)

What is mood in this chapter and
how does it relate to the setting?
builds up suspense
5. How does plot affects other elements such as conflict or theme?

1. Plot : Kevin
2. Character: Jack
3. Conflict: Peter
4. Theme: Peter & Kevin
5. Setting: Harry
6. Music and Skit

Jerry thanks Ponyboy, trusting his stories .

Theme: Don't judge a book by its cover - Greasers and Socs
How does theme important to the rest of the story?
This theme is important to the rest of the story because:
greasers might break the wall between Socs
Greasers Reunite
4. Are there any examples of dynamic or static character? explain each.
Dally is the dynamic character

Ponyboy and Johnny are the static character
5. How does the character deal with other elements
such as conflict or theme in this chapter?
3 examples of lyrics
1. I hear my family calling me

2. Now I know what's meaningful

3.Changes in my life
I hear my family calling me
Sodapop writes letter for Ponyboy
Now I know what's meaningful
Changes in my life
Wood on fire fall to Johnny
Ponyboy might loses his best friend
Importance of family
Staying away from family
Ponyboy: Realized family is important

Darry and Sodapop: Always worry and take care of Ponyboy

How does theme affect other elements such as character or conflict?
This theme affects other elements by:
Conflict changes
Personalities change

This theme affects other elements by:
Conflict changes
Personalities change
One of the character changes their mind.
How does the setting in this chapter relate to the rest of the stories?
Pony and Johnny saves the Children
Hero !
How does the setting affect other elements such as character or conflicts in this chapter?
person vs self
Church was shame place
Made Pony and
Johnny Hero!
Different plot = Different theme
as Internal Conflict
I choose Dally because at church dally save children from the burning church so the theme is "Doing a right things"
3. S.E Hinton use indirect characterization she
explain ponyboy, Johnny and Dally action about saving children at burning church and she write character thinking a lot in chapter 6.
Different plot= Different type of conflict
Song for Chapter 6
Song Title: I'm coming home
Artist: Lionel Richie
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