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History of Lego Mindstorms

No description

Matthew Suh

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of History of Lego Mindstorms

How Ev3 is better than Nxt and Rcx
Nxt 1.0 And Nxt 2.0
The difference between Nxt 1.0 and 2.0
The R3ptar is one of the ev3 buildable robots. When you put your hand in front of the IR sensor ( The eyes ) the R3ptar will lunge forward and pretend to bite. Even though it doesn't close it's mouth when it lunges some kids are still scared ( Such as most of these kids ).
Gripp3r is also another buildable ev3 robot. Unlike the others Gripp3rs only limbs it can move are its hands and fingers. Just like Ev3rstorm, Gripp3r has treads instead of feet.
Spik3r can pick up only certain things with it's pincers such as small balls and maybe it might be able to pick lego bricks up.
Spik3r is also another one of the ev3 buildable robots. Spik3r is a scorpion like robot. Where the stinger on a scorpion is supposed to be, there is a launcher on spik3r.
Ev3rstorm is another buildable ev3 robot. Instead of having feet, Ev3rstorm has treads. Other exclusive parts of Ev3rstorm are its gripper hand and launcher.
Ev3rstorm is also leader of all the robots in the ev3 series. He also is similar to the Nxt robot leaders.
History of Lego Mindstorms


What in the world is Mindstorms?
Mindstorms is a lego product company but instead of just adding lego bricks and instructions, Lego Mindstorms added the power brick.
What is the power brick?
The power brick is the Mindstorms robot main power source. The power brick powers all the motors, sensors and movement.
Gripp3rs only useful use is picking stuff up and lifting them. Gripp3r is the most useless robot to me but other people might think it's the best robot in the whole mindstorms series
Rcx 1.0 and Rcx 1.5
The difference between Rcx 1.0 and Rcx 1.5 is in the Rcx 1.0 set you can build machines and in the Rcx 1.5 you can build aliens.
Thanks for watching!
IR sensor
By: Matthew Suh
Lego.com. Mindstorms.lego.com, 16 May 2014. Web. 5 June 2014.
Wikipedia. Wikipedia. Web. 5 June 2014.

The difference between Rcx 1.0 and Rcx 1.5
What the Rcx 1.0 and 1.5 were like
The Rcx was not like any modern Mindstorms that I have seen. The Rcx had different pieces, different power brick, no motors and different design.
The difference between Nxt 1.0 and 2.0 is the Nxt 2.0 is more sturdy and has a thicker layer of outer lego pieces than the Nxt 1.0. The Nxt 2.0 also includes a ultrasonic sensor that makes your robot see farther. This is important because if your robot doesn't see where it is going it might crash or go crazy.
What improved between Nxt and Rcx
The Nxt added more pieces and a different sensor. The Nxt also got touch sensors, a color sensor, the ultrasonic sensor and motors.
Most of the information came from my brain.
Ev3 is better than Nxt and Rcx thanks to the help of technology. The only parts the Ev3 doesn't have that the Nxt has is, the Ev3 doesn't have a 2nd touch sensor and it does not have a ultrasonic sensor ( which it doesn't really need because the IR sensor can see up to 7 cm )
In the next 4 slides I will talk about 4 Ev3 robots.
R3ptar is also one of my favorite Ev3 robots.
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