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WebEx 101

No description

Justin Kim

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of WebEx 101

All Things WebEx:
Your Ultimate Guide for WebEx Meetings

What Do I Need To Do?
Step 1: Acquire Audio Device
What Do I Need to Do?
Step 2: Get Equipped with WebEx Software Now
WebEx Meeting Day
You will find a link to join the WebEx in the apppropriate module on your course Moodle site. Find the link for the meeting on Moodle, and type in your name and password. Once you're in the session, please set your audio and microphone devices. Watching the video below before the meeting will be helpful for you.
WebEx 101: The Basics
What do I need to join WebEx?
Main Device
Personal computer (PC or Mac) OR
Apple or Android Tablet OR
Apple or Android Smartphone
Audio Device
USB headset (REQUIRED for computer users)
Earphones (for mobile device users)

WebEx is a video conferencing tool that CTS uses to hold live online course meetings. With WebEx, you can be connected to other students and the instructor and have a "face-to-face" conversation no matter where you are, and no matter which device you use.
What is WebEx?
If you're planning to use WebEx from your
It is critically important that you're equipped with a USB headset, rather than one with separate mic and audio jacks (as shown in the picture.

Audio/Mic problems caused by not having a USB headset is very difficult to resolve, and this may result in undesirable WebEx experience Bluetooth headsets are also not encouraged
If You're Planning to Use your
Mobile Device
(iPad, iPhone, Android Smart Phones or Tablets)
If you're planning on using your mobile device to join WebEx meetings, all you need is a regular earphones
For PC/Mac
For Mobile Devices
Visiting a "Test WebEx" meeting will give you an opportunity to have the WebEx system scan your computer and let you know which software to install.

Go to http://www.webex.com/test-meeting.html
If your computer does not have the WebEx software, you will have an chance to install after clicking "join"
Visit the App store on your device and search for "Cisco WebEx Meetings". Install the app and you're all set.

On the meeting day, you can go to course Moodle on your mobile device, and click the meeting link posted on Moodle.This app will then automatically start.
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