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Vision, Values and Beliefs

Our Vision, Our Transformation

Lyle Walker

on 18 May 2010

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Transcript of Vision, Values and Beliefs

Welcome to Parkhurst Our Shared Vision Vision Behind Our Vision Our 21st Century Learners Partnerships and Commitments Meet Carol Smart Classrooms Our 2020 Vision Our Curriculum 21st Century Citizenship Citizenship Each of the 'big ideas' are conceptualised in 'Tomorrow's Citizens' as explicit Citizen roles which describe what students should know and be able to do. The 'Five Citizens' provide multiple pathways for students to develop as well rounded 21st Century and global citizens. It is envisaged that students may develop a preference or strength in one particular role. Students have opportunities to engage with, understand and develop within each role.
Our curriculum is based on 'big ideas' that shape the values, beliefs and actions of our students as citizens. Identity and Relationships
Thinking, reasoning and Comunicating
Sustainability Our 2010 'C' Change Our Values 'Automate the Transaction' Creative
Citizen Democratic
Citizen Informed
Citizen Eco
Citizen Healthy
Citizen Our learners are individuals who learn at their own rate using their preferred learning styles to reach their full potential. High expectations are essential for high performance. Our environments are warm, caring, nurturing and stimulating to develop independent 21st Century Citizens. Children learn best by doing and through modelling. Negotiation, risk taking, choice and challenges are an important part of the learning process. Learning must be engaging and connected to the real world. Our Shared Beliefs
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