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2017-2018 Course Registration

Chester High School (Chester, IL) course registration process is explained to all students at once through the use of technology.

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Transcript of 2017-2018 Course Registration

Registration for the 2017-2018 school year officially begins January 5, 2017

First, put your name at the top of your form now so you don't forget to later

This presentation will explain the process of registering for classes for next year
Registration is now open!
All registration materials must be submitted by:

January 13

You can turn in your form during English/Language Arts class or bring it to the Student Services Office

Due Date
If you have questions regarding registration, please contact the Student Services Office.

PE is required unless you have a waiver, see the student handbook for details.

Help sessions will be held next week, check the announcements during lunch for more details.
Registration Questions
What do you need to do to Register?
1.Write courses on your Pre-Registration form

2.Log into Skyward Student access and select your courses for next year

3. Print your Skyward course list after you register

4. Turn in your Pre-Registration form and Skyward course list by the due date

2017-2018 Course Registration
Time to Connect with your Future
In addition to completing your Pre-registration form, you will also need to select your courses for registration in Skyward. Please take a minute to make notes about the registration process.

Step 1
: Think about what you will do after you graduate, connect your courses to your career goal. Log into your Student Portfolio to complete your 4 year plan before registering for classes.
Step 2
: Complete your course Pre-Registration Form
Step 3
: Log into Skyward Student Access to register for classes (print your course list)
Step 4
: Turn it all in.
The Registration Process (4 Steps)
Online Skyward Registration "How to Video"
Skyward Registration "How to" video is part of this presentation...
How to access your Student Portfolio
1. Go to the CHS webpage
2. Click "Student Services" on the right hand side of the screen
3. Click "Student Portfolios" under "Links"
Student ID #
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