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Sneha Khan

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of BULLYING

Jasmine's Story
In mid November of 2011, 10 year old Jasmine Mcclain committed suicide because of emotional bullying.
Stop Bullying
Bullying is not good, and if you're a bully think before you act, and treat others the way you want to be treated. If we work together, we can stop bullying.
What Is Emotional Bullying?
Emotional bullying is like what happened to Jasmine. Its when someone, teases you, affects you using words, calls you names, spreads rumours about you, or manipulates you. Emotional bullying hurts your emotions, your feelings, and even though it doesn't sound as bad as physical bullying, or any other type, it can hurt a lot.
Lets say you're getting picked on at school by a group of bullies. They're saying mean things like 'you're ugly!' or 'no one likes you!' and you get very sad. While the bullies are teasing you, there is a group of people crowding around the scene or walking by, but they are just watching you, and are not doing anything. These are called
. Bystanders are the people who watch the victim get bullied, but they don't try to stop the bullying. They don't take any actions, to stop the bully. But what they don't know is that, they could be the one's to change it all.
What Is A Bystander?
Effects of Emotional Bullying
The impact of bullying can effect the victim in many ways. Victims can lose all their friends and the victim can become depressed, or lonely. They may start second-guessing themselves, and lose their self-esteem, thinking that they were the cause of all the problems even though they were not. Sometimes the bullying is so bad, that the victim can give up their own life.
Who is Affected?
Not only is the victim affected, but also the victim's family and friends. Imagine you were a victim of bullying, and everyday you got picked on at school. You would cry home, then sit on your bed. You were depressed, sad and lonely. How would your family feel? They would not want you to be like this. In the video, when Jasmine committed suicide because of bullying, her mother was terribly sad. When a victim gets bullied they may have suicidal thoughts in their head, and no brother or sister, or mother or father, or friend would want to see them committing suicide.
How does emotional bullying happen?
Bullying can happen in many different ways. The bully may have a bad relationship, with the victim from the start. Bullying can also happen within friendships, when one friend, or a couple of friends, start disliking the other friend. Jealousy can also be the problem. The bully can be jealous of the victim, and start bullying them. Bullies can start bullying a victim, because they may, look different, then them, and they can use that in a bad way. Also, bullies can start bullying to gain popularity, and become known by others.
Why Is Emotional Bullying Considered Serious?
Emotional Bullying is very serious. The victim can do unimaginable things. The victim can get seriously hurt, and bullying can leave deep emotional scars within the victim. Playful, joking around is okay, but when it comes to teasing, and verbal bullying, it becomes hurtful, and constant, and that crosses the line. The person getting bullied, can get severely hurt. Emotional bullying is as serious as any other type of bullying. The victim may be so depressed, that they can harm themselves.
How Can You Safeguard Yourself, You're Family, And Friends From Emotional Bullying?
Walk Away
Avoid the bully, don't go near them, and ignore them. Don't go near any areas where you know the bully hangs out. This is not the best way to solve bullying, so if that does not work try...
Take A Stand
...taking a stand! Don't be afraid to stand up to the bully. Explain, to them, how you feel, and what they are doing is very bad. If that doesn't work then....
Ask For Help
...asking the closest adult for help. Discuss it with them, and they can help you, and put a stop to the bullying. Bullying should be reported, to an adult, as it is very serious.
There are many consequences to emotional bullying. If your a bully, parents, and other family members may not be too happy about you bullying other kids, and may punish you, and take away many of your privileges. If, at school, you can get punished by teacher's, and the principal. If you continue bullying though, even though you were warned not to, you may even get suspended from school. If it gets very serious, the police can get involved, and you can end up behind bars.
Where To Get Help
If you need support, and you need to talk to someone about the bullying, tell a teacher, or a principal, about the bullying that's going on. You can talk to a counselor, about the bullying problems. Also talk, to someone you have a good relationship with, like your parents/guardians, or siblings, good friends, and others. Talking to someone, and getting support from someone, is probably the best way to stop bullying. Bullying can be hard, so talking to someone can relieve your stress, and make things less complicated.
Additional Details
Being a bystander is almost as bad as being the bully
Almost every kid gets bullied at one point in their lives
More than 3.2 million students get bullied every year
1 out of 10 students drop out of school because of bullying
About 160, 000 teens refuse to go to school because of bullying
Emotional bullying is the most known type of bullying
9 out of 10 kids have told that they have been emotionally harassed
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