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What are the elements of a national literature?

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kylie reynolds

on 2 September 2016

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Transcript of What are the elements of a national literature?

What are the elements of a national literature?

What are the characteristics of early American Literature?
Reflects beliefs and traditions
Breaks literary tradition to go their own direction.
Lots of humor
Who were America's earliest writers and what were their concerns?
In early american colonies there was mostly puritans and religious folks who wrote things like diaries and journals every day. It was mainly influenced off of the bible perfect standards
What can you learn from primary sources about early life in the colonies?
What are the elements of persuasive writing?
What arguments for or against the use of native american mascots exist?
What does the poetry of colonial America show us about the period?
How does the structure of a poem affect it's meaning?
What to puritan sermons reveal about the pressure of colonial life?
What were some of the primary tenets of puritan beliefs?
What genre does american literature include?
What historical insights can an autobiography impart?
How can the written word lead to revolution?
What elements make persuasive writing effective?
How is the declaration of independence structured?
How much time should i devote to the writing process during a timed test?
What strategies can i use to improve my confidence writing under time constraints?
Colonial life was hard. Whether you were a colonist in New England, where winter blasts brought cold, sleet and snow, or in the southern colonies, where oppressive heat and mosquitoes made the summers torturous.
Catchy title, lead that gives an idea of the topic, opinion, research, personal examples, voice, solutions, conclusion.
During the 1960's, the National Congress of American Indians created a campaign to eliminate negative stereotyping of Native American people in the media.
It shows us people needed a stable government and economy before they could make great advances in cultural pursuits.
The rhythm of a poem creates a scenario and a picture in the listeners mind.
The central belief of Puritanism was that people should live their lives according to the laws of god.
Teachings of the bible
Personal morality
Education for the masses
Social Justice
No Superstition
Gives the point of view from a firsthand perspective of the writer.
the written word can inspire people, strengthen opinions, and prove answers right or wrong.
1. Thesis statement
2. Supportive evidence
3. Clear organization
4. Convincing conclusion
Indictment of King George III
Deninciation of the british people
At least 30 minutes or more.
Good breakfast, breathing, planning, timed writing at home before.
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