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Supersize me

No description

LIU Fifi

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of Supersize me

<Supersize Me!!!> Hambergers and Fastfood largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants of the United States 68 million customers/day -------119 countries! 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald Ray Kroc “Speedee Service System" BUT opposite voice in the society Globalization McDonaldization Rule No.1 only eat things that are for sale over the counter at McDonald's, water included Rule No.2 McDonald's doesn't sell it, then he can't eat it Rule No.3 He must super-size the meal when ordering Rule No.4 He has to have everything on the menu at least once over the next 30 days Rule No.5 Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day Morgan 84kg 95kg = 30days 95kg 84kg = 14months liver fat increased cholesterol shut up 60% body fat present went from 11% to 18% doubled his risk on co-ordinary heart disease OBESITY Why everybody is still eating fast food even though it brings harm to our body? 2/3 of Americans are overweight, and almost half of the population has the potential obesity. Companies Supersize Add only 69cents your meal will be super-sized~ Pay little in order to eat more eat twice much than they use to eat avoiding Morgan’s query on the influence caused by their food
hardly any of the branches showed a significant information on their food nutrition None of the consumers know about what there are eating and how much energy they absorb each meal The company brain washed the kids by happy meals, funny advertisement, toys, playground….just in order to make the kids carry on eating. Targets young children with ads before the kids themselves realize how harmful the food is Fast food companies approximately 15 years ago

Less oil food is the biggest difference in food tradition. changing rate of Korean youth’s fast food intake a week number of McDonald store has decreased Environmentalist Yoon Kwang-yong Fast food companies cannot full their pocket by people have strong healthy mind Special sense on meat and oil, fast food had just fit their taste More over 3400 KFCs and over 1500 McDonald’s The third country which having the most McDonalds in the world Chinese Preventive and Medicine Number of obesity people increased twice much then before The percentage of overweight Chinese adult is 22.8% Obesity people is 7.1% Child’s obesity is 20 million 60 million people more than South Korea’s population....... 0.2 billion people WHO??? “The bottom line, they're a business, no matter what they say, and by selling you unhealthy food, they make millions, and no company wants to stop doing that." Company vs Consumer Company Consumer “We didn’t force them to eat, is the people themselves willing to walk into our store!” We have the right to eat what we eat and enjoy tasty food!!! Reduce Fast Food Advertising to Children
We can block on advertising of unhealthy foods to children under 12, at the time they watch television, between 9 pm.
Set Fat tax.
Special Food Labels showing calories informations Individual Build healthy eating habits
Preferring low fat, low salt and regular sized meal is crucial for our diet.
Eat more fruits and vegetables in order to gain vitamin
Do exercise Government Fat tax Based both on fat and sugar content Hungary has a hamburger tax Denmark has just imposed the world's first fat tax The US is debating a ''soda tax'' Britain is contemplating its own junk food levy If we consumers cannot change the pattern of fast food market, then we have to learn the dangers of fast food and on how to avoid consuming it from the beginning. THANKYOU Movie---Asian Society---Ways of reducing Fast food Ambiguous
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