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Indie Pop!

No description

Greer Saunders

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Indie Pop!

Alternative Pop! (Indie Pop)
This is a type of contagious diffusion because once this type of music was heard it spread rapidly to surrounding areas
By the 90's, The Smith's and other band''s music spread to the United States, Australia and other countries, they were instantly liked!
Indie music sounds very different from what you usually hear on the radio now-a-days so when an Indie band''s song is at the top of the charts, it's normally a good thing.
Some people do not like Indie/Alternative music because the sound is so different from what they are used to hearing and listening to.
Indie Pop today
Indie pop today is actually very popular.
People who try to get out of mainstream radio music usually end up liking Indie/Alternative music
Many successful indie artist/bands have topped the charts recently!
The sound has dissolved from the original, more rock sound of this genre and turned into a more electronic sound over the last decade.
Originated in the mid-80's in the UK
Inspired by Alternative Rock/Punk
Alternative first came from the Rock genre in the early 80's then they continued to add more genres as in reggae, folk, pop, grunge and more.
The Smiths was one of the first dominate Indie Pop bands that dominated the UK in the 80's
The era when Indie came into place is known as C86
What is Indie Pop Music?
Indie pop is a genre of Alternative music.
It is used to describe artists who are signed to independent labels
Indie is short for independent
Instruments that are used include the vocals, guitar, bass and drum
The sound of this type of music is soft voices with meaningful, deep lyrics.
Today's bands and indie artist!
Imagine Dragons
Some of the first dominate Indie Pop bands
The Smiths
Velvet Underground
And more!
Diffusion of Alternative Pop
The 1975
Lana Del Rey
The Neighbourhood
Passion Pit
Indie Rock bands
Arctic Monkeys
Death Cab for Cutie
The Black Keys
Foster the People
And many more!
Bands that influenced Indie music
And many more
By: Sydney and Greer
Hearth of Indie Pop
Top 10 Indie songs today!
1. Pompeii - Bastille
2. Come a little Closer - Cage the Elephant
3. Ways to go - Grouplove
4. Demons - Imagine Dragons
5. Out of my League - Fitz and the Tantrums
6. Royals - Lorde
7. Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood
8. Hurricane - MS MR
9. Sirens - Pearl Jam
10. Safe and Sound - Capital Cities
(information via Billboards.com)
Example of Indie Rock
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