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SAMR Example Presentation

No description

Kande McKay

on 22 February 2016

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Transcript of SAMR Example Presentation

Students take a quiz using Google Forms and Flubaroo grades it for the teacher
of using pencil and paper.

DoodleBuddy or ActivInspire replaces chart paper and markers so that students can communicate and explain their solution to a math problem.
What is a Teacher to DO?
The key to proper implementation of technology is shifting your thinking about how your students will use it to learn.
a scale of technology integration -
Our students think and learn differently now more than they ever have. What has changed?
Large increases in media consumption
Social networking
Access to massive amounts of media
Constant availability of information and the death of memorizing
Differences in IGEN
Our kindergarten students will never know school without a personal device!
Most of our students have used technology every day since they were young - it is part of who they are.
How students use technology in their lives
Social interaction
Gathering information
Creating Stuff
These 7 things are exactly how we should use technology in the classroom as well.
Create a
shared Google document for collaborating and peer editing
Screencast students explaining how to solve a problem.
A student uses his/her own device to collect, record, sort, annotate and document his/her problem solving strategies into an ongoing e-portfolio or even create their own math study book using OneNote, Evernote or Book Creator which shows their learning over time.
SAMR & Passing Notes
Google Drive replaces a pencil and paper language arts task such as writing an essay response to a story or book.
Instead of a written exit slip, teachers can use Google Forms, Socrative, or Infuselearning for immediate formative assessments.
How can SAMR help you integrate technology into your lessons in a more deliberate way?
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