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No description

Jennifer Biempica

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Career

By: Jennifer Biempica
Advisory Teacher: Mr. Mullins
STL: Karla Tapia
My Holland Interest Code
My Holland interest code is artistic, social, and investigative. My artistic code says that these type of occupations require working with shapes, patterns, designs, etc. The social code states that social occupations involve working and communicating with people. In investigative occupations, a large amount of thinking is involved. This involves working with ideas, searching for facts, and solving problems mentally.
How Does This Relate to My Personality?
The artistic code relates to my personality because I enjoy art. It is a way that I can express myself without having to use words. The social code is part of my personality because I enjoy helping and interacting with others. The investigative code relates to my personality because investigative occupations interest me the most. It helps me exercise my mind outside of school.
My Choice of Career
The job I chose is a police officer. It is something of my interest. Police officers enforce laws, protect the community, prevent crime, preserves the peace, and so much more. Police officers risk their lives to save others. They are at risk of being killed every time they leave their homes. They don't know if they will actually come back home. They know that they face many dangers. It's part of their jobs.
The education needed to become a police officer is, at least, a high school diploma. Four-year college is recommended. Related majors:
* Criminal Justice/Police Science
* Criminalistics & Criminal Science
Must Know:
* Public Safety & Security
* Law & Government
* English Language
* Psychology
* Customer & Personal Service
* Active listening - listening to what others are saying. (ex. other officers, victims, suspects, etc.)
* Critical thinking - using logic and reason to find solutions to problems
* Monitoring - assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to help with improvement
* Social perceptiveness -being aware of others' reactions and understanding the reason they reacted that way
* Speaking skills - being able to communicate with others
Important abilities
* Problem sensitivity -to be able to tell when something is wrong or may go wrong
* Oral expression -to be able to communicate and share ideas/ information with others
* Deductive reasoning - to be able to produce answers that make sense
* Selective attention - to be able to concentrate on a task for a long period of time without becoming distracted
* Inductive reasoning - abilities to use pieces of information to form a conclusion
Average Wage & Competition
Competing for high pay:
* Having higher degree than others
* No slacking off
* Maximum performance at all times
* Being responsible
* Earning others' respect/trust
3 Pillars of Character Important in this career:
* Fairness - Treat everyone equally
* Responsibility- Do your job correctly
* Trustworthiness - Earn people's trust in order to be able to help them
Interviewing Mr. Rubio
I interviewed the Algebra 2 teacher, Mr. Rubio. What was said:
* an officer needs integrity, the six pillars of character, academic skills, and social skills
* military experience can help
* dangerous/ risky career
* take criminology other related courses in college
How Burton Tech Will Help Me....
* Burton Tech applies the six pillars of character to our everyday lives. The more we see and use these pillars, the more we will put them to practice, which makes us a better person of character.
* B-Tech also provides me with the skills and knowledge I will need in order to succeed in the future.
My Resources


"Police Department Recruitment Brochure Online".10-12-07.12-11-12<http://per.lacity.org/recruit1.htm>

"How Do I Become A Police Officer".12-11-12.<http://www.policeone.com/How-To-Become-A-Police-Officer>
Tasks & Activities
* Issuing citations
* Acting as official escorts
* Responding to emergencies
* Aiding accident victims and others * Processing prisoners
* And more.....
* B-Tech will help prepare me for the responsibilities I will have when I become a police officer. It will help me become more responsible and independent. I won't have people holding my hand all the time. They are preparing me to go out into the world and be successful in life.
* Example: They have a policy for no late work. This makes us take responsibility and make sure we turn in assignments on time.
* B-Tech is putting into practice the skills we will need in order to have more opportunities when applying for college and getting a job.
An Employee of Character:
* Has better performance
* Gets more done
* Does their job CORRECTLY
* Is a role model to other employees
How Mr. Rubio and His Class will Help Me....
Provide me with....
* critical thinking skills
* problem-solving skills
* basic math skills that may be needed in the job as well as the academy
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