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Paul Moreno

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco By Grace Vargas and Paul Moreno - Hot and cold salads to begin
- A slow cooked stew
- (In formal situations) Lamb and/or chicken dish
- A mix of meat and vegetables
- Bread is a staple of every meal and often serves as a utensil
- A cup of sweet mint tea to finish off the meal Language - Arabic is the official language
- Varieties of Berber are spoken as well
- French is used mostly in buisness, government affairs, and diplomacy Religion - 99% of the population is Muslim
- 1% practices Christianity
- There are only 6,000 jews currently in the country Moroccan Art Mediums: - calligraphy
- carvings
- paintings
- sculptures
- ceramics
- jewelry
- clothing
- carpets
- leatherwork The Market!!! - Outdoor markets are called "Souks"
- They sell everything from cloth, to food
- They have remained the same since ancient times
- They are a popular tourist attraction
- Signature crafts are slippers, and lanterns The Music: Genres...
- Gnawa
- Andalusian

A mix of...
- Arab
- Spanish influences Traditional Foods: The Main Meal Structure (eaten at Midday): King Mohammed VI: - The richest person in the country (has 2.5 billion dollars to his name)
- Country gets money from monopoly over the world's phosphate supply
- 47 yrs. Old
- Inherited the throne in 1999 following his father's death
- Married and has two children
- Supports Democratic ideals, but still runs the nation as a mix of monarchy and government King Of Morocco:
Mohammed VI A "Souk" (Moroccan Marketplace) An example of a typical midday meal A taste of Gnawa: Typical Moroccan Music The Inside of a dome in a Mosque - the house of worship for the religion of Islam Spices and herbs used in typical dishes Geography Continent- Northwest Africa Near the Atlas Mountains Draa River runs through the country and it borders the Western Sahara and Algeria to the East Motto- "Allah, al Watan, al malik "God, Nation, King" The Moroccan Flag Anthem- "We are ready to defend the world" Cities Capital-Rabat 1,636,600 Largest cities Casablanca 3,397,000 Fez 941,800 Marrakech 755,200 Colonialism and History Divided territories with France over the course of two wars with France. France took great interest in Morocco after the end of the French Revolution. The First Franco-Moroccan War took place in 1844, as a consequence of Morocco's alliance with Algeria's Abd-El-Kader against France. It eventually ended on September 10, 1884 with the signing of the Treaty of Tangiers. Seeing Morocco's abilty to put up a fight France gave up and let Morocco loose from its rule. Fin - Couscous... with ANYTHING!
- Stewed lentils with meat
- Bocadillo with tuna
- Dchicha Soup (made with cracked wheat, pepper, ginger)
- Ktefa (A sweet sandwich with a crispy, flaky layer of pastry, and sweetened and fried almonds and custard cream, and it is garnished with orange flower water)
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