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Engage Each Student - The MindTap Story

Digital Futures in Higher Education

Troy Anderson

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Engage Each Student - The MindTap Story

time for something new. EMBRACE THIS search text check progress view full text create and view flashcards view a full glossary connect with social media listen to your text quickly define any word add and view your own content add and access your notes and highlights Apps
Work ! CHECK PROGRESS = LMS Integration Service Learning the Path completely
customizable simple
design & Now Optimized for Mobile! DRIVES ENGAGEMENT Cengage/James Madison Study, 2012
Formatting e-textbooks in the way that print textbooks are formatted is not an effective way for students to learn. Early Intervention Leads To Student Success! 31 Digital Course Support
Custom Learning Materials
Library Integration
Peer-to-Peer Faculty Development & Consulting
Course Redesign “If we don't adjust and reach out with new tools that engage them on their terms, we'll lose them.” Textbooks eBooks Solutions Digital & The New College Experience, TNS & TRU, Commissioned by Google, August 2012 Apps Thank

You! STUDENTS ARE NOT ALL THE SAME. 74% 42% 30% QUICKLY & EASILY PERSONALIZE WITH: ACTIVITIES VIDEOS CURRENT CONTENT DOCUMENTS WEB-LINKS Ipsos/Google 2012 Teens & Twenty-somethings Research Study #1 most influential source
in changing perception video is the 19th Century 1971 1998 SAVE TIME



PROVIDE A SMART SOLUTION 1. The Learning Path + LMS Integration 2. 1 online searches

web videos Prof. SHERRY TURKLE,
MIT Initiative on Technology and Self "Nobody who's been teaching for 25 years would say that our students aren't different now than they were then. They need to be stimulated in ways that they didn't need to be stimulated before." FRONTLINE: Digital Nation; Life on the Virtual Frontier 61% of students still have never purchased an e-textbook DIGITAL & THE NEW COLLEGE EXPERIENCE , TNS & TRU, COMMISSIONED BY GOOGLE, AUGUST 2012. DIGITAL & THE NEW COLLEGE EXPERIENCE , TNS & TRU, COMMISSIONED BY GOOGLE, AUGUST 2012. out of 7 10 but... college students plan on
purchasing one this year. Textbooks eBooks Solutions 19th Century 1971 1998 Today 3. Mobile Access 2. Apps + User Reviews click the forward arrow to continue through the entire experience click on an item below to jump to that section. or & the two most popular ways to supplement classroom learning are DIGITAL & THE NEW COLLEGE EXPERIENCE , TNS & TRU, COMMISSIONED BY GOOGLE, AUGUST 2012. SHIFT within Instantly monitor student engagement with Analytics for the class or an individual student of students currently own a smartphone currently own a tablet or e-reader are planning on purchasing
a tablet in the next 12 months DIGITAL & THE NEW COLLEGE EXPERIENCE , TNS & TRU, COMMISSIONED BY GOOGLE, AUGUST 2012. including 86% of students supplement course content with digital content they find themselves engage each student with the personal learning experience. simplify access.
save time. our integrated partners provides access to specific content directly from your LMS simply choose your content ALSO ASK ABOUT OUR Scott Domowicz, Erie Institute of Technology 3 + Automatic "Grade-Return" With and... 9.1 9.4 10 & or Learning Path The MindApps User Reviews 8 9 + MindTap students would recommend MindTap to their friends students love us too! "MindTap allows students to self-engage with minimal instructor intervention, thus improving the reach of instruction and easing the burden of professional one-on-one handling." Robert Black, SUNY Maritime College "MindTap's greatest strengths are the progress tracking, the ability to add materials that are gradable, and use of video uploading. I would recommend adopting this product based on those elements." Stephen Brusnighan, Kent State University of instructors liked the convenience of
accessing anytime, anywhere "[With MindTap] students take responsibility for their own learning, and not much time is spent in classroom lectures about the basics..." Mariann Maris, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee "A key strength of MindTap is that the variety of exercises appeals to students with different learning styles." Sara Combs, Virginia Highlands Community College MOST INSTRUCTORS AGREED
MAKES THEIR LIVES EASIER! 100% Student, University of Central Florida "I’m definitely more engaged
because of MindTap." out of 7 8 of MindTap students agreed that
MindTap was easy to navigate Student, San Jose State University "I found MindTap very useful because it was easy to follow and everything was right there."
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